You don't ever get over fear, you conquer it!

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2023

Does fear stop you in your tracks?


Do you wait to get over fear before proceeding?


When I am coaching others, one of the questions that I get from an entrepreneurial perspective is how do I get over my fears?


Are you waiting to get over your fear of taking that next step before you take the step?


What I have learned over the years is that fear is a constant companion that never goes away.


That’s because at every new level or venture you will have doubts and uncertainty. If you have never done something before there is never one hundred percent certainty that you can achieve that new thing, or new level. That realization can create doubts that become fears.


But through practicing Kemetic science principles, I have learned to push through the fears and deal with the consequences. I don’t fail, I learn.


It will be no different for you.


So many think that you are going to get to a place or state of mind that you no longer fear anything. If you are developing and growing that’s not realistic.


But you can conquer fear by not letting it control your thoughts and actions.


Recognize it, and then do it anyway.


When you live on the edge of your comfort zone fears are simply part of the journey. They don’t go away. But you can absolutely conquer fear!


It takes boldness and confidence.


People that are not confident will not try something outside their comfort zone because, in their mind, failure confirms their already low opinion of themselves. Therefore they stay stagnant and don’t try anything that they can POSSIBLY fail at.


Confident people think differently. Failures are lessons to learn from. So they don’t fear it. 


It is a different mindset than thinking you will move forward once you no longer have fear. That’s why so many don’t ever get off the couch and try. They wait hoping the fear will magically subside.


Fear doesn’t go away for those that live on the edge. It just no longer controls them.


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