Why is the Trinity all male?

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Why is the Trinity all male?

As a Christian, I never really questioned the idea of an all-male Trinity. As I studied more of the Kemetic sciences and metaphysics in general I became aware of the ideas of the divine masculine and divine feminine.

I just assumed that the Christian idea was based on a patriarchal perspective. But deeper study into the origins of the idea in ancient Africa reveals a very logical and non-sexist or patriarchal slant.

Egyptian God The  Kemetic Trinity

The essence of the Trinity is in numerology. The males are used to represent the basic principle of masculine as an active function within creating the universe. Masculine does not equal male. If you need a deeper dive into understanding what the divine masculine and divine feminine represent click here.

The active or masculine principle

The basic numerology is the idea that all the Universe is absolute unity (one) that becomes aware of itself. This awareness produces duality (two) and in a simultaneous process becomes the initial "stuff" or "materia prima" in which everything in the universe is formed from. We call that stuff spirit, holy spirit, consciousness etc.

The initial instant of negating unity and becoming is an active process. It contains all properties of the original unity (one) which is passive or feminine in its original state. The initial impetus to express itself is active or masculine.

Going from one to three is a simultaneous and active process. The trinity is composed of the hidden or unknown aspect of the creator which is called Amen. The materia prima or holy spirit, or consciousness as we term it in modern times, is called Ra. This consciousness has the ability to perpetuate itself. This idea of being able to perpetuate itself is represented as the child in all Kemetic trinities. In the case of the "Creative Trinity" and Christianity that aspect is called the son.

The child or the ability to recreate itself or perpetuate itself is an active principle.

Within the khemetic trinity of Amen, Ra, and Ptah the aspect of physical matter is taken into account with Ptah.

Neter Ptah Ptah the masculine active principle of physical creation

Ptah being an active principle within physical creation is still symbolized bound with one leg that is represented on one level as unity. It is sprit that is not male of female.

But again it is an active masculine principle. So all of the aspects of the trinity are active. It is the masculine number of three.


Within Kemetic Numerology that was preserved by the Greeks, numbers were masculine and feminine, square and triangular, positive and negative, odd and even.

Because unity contains all aspects the "monad" is seen as both masculine and feminine.


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The number two is seen as being feminine. Because it was visually "even" and therefore not volatile. The number three was "uneven" in its structure and the way they wrote the numbers.

Feminine numbers Feminine numbers visually equal

The ancient Egyptians used "tic marks" to write the numbers one - nine. They did so as a visual mnemonic device not because they were primitive and couldn't do better. It was an extremely simple yet sophisticated way to represent ideas beyond the written number. Unlike what we do in modern times.

The number four would be a feminine number as it visually would be even.

Masculine numbers Masculine numbers visually uneven

add the numbers 1 + 2+ 3+4 = 10 all describing specific functions of the universe contains all possibilities in the universe.

The numbers three and nine are not properly represented in the photo to the right. It should be one on top and the two on the bottom. See how the number five is a combination of two and three.

Visually it lets you know that five has the properties of the functions of the numbers two and three. Same with all the other combinations. Three has the properties of 1 and 2. the number two has the properties of one but also the new properties of duality.

Egyptian numbers Numbers one and three

The trinity as all the properties of one and two.

Conclusion on the Trinity

The Trinity was not meant to represent a male patriarchal view point. Christianity actually kept intact that initial expression of the Trinity or what is called the "Creative Trinity." It's the first level that forms anything that can be expressed in any way in the Universe.

But at Trinity is at the foundation of anything. It's a Universal conceptual framework. It is the initial push out of unity. Not a God to be worshiped and feared.

Through numerology you will deeper and unfiltered understanding of what the ancients were teaching. It goes much much deeper than I can go into in one article.


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