What the difference between soul and Spirit

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What the difference between soul and Spirit


This is the end of a six part series on exposing the hidden esoteric meaning in the bible. If you are interested in gaining the skills and knowledge of these ancient teachings that will help you create the life you want on your terms, then you need to check out my upcoming course the african mind rewire. 

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One of the questions I get asked often is, what’s the difference between soul and spirit?

It’s a really good question with profound implications. 

First of all, know that you are a soul, you don’t  have a soul. That’s the ancient Kemetic perspective.

 It doesn’t need saving from hell the way Christianity taught. The Christian idea of salvation is a twisted and misunderstood idea that originated within ancient Kemet.

I have already given you the perspective of the soul ancient Kemet in the first video of this series. And that is that the soul is the real life. Your physical body is only a transitory existence in which, you the soul, gains wisdom to elevate consciously. 

The idea of death in the bible is esoterically the death of the souls' omniscient and omnipresent awareness when it descends into a physical body.

According to the ancient Egyptians the soul can die a second death. The second death is related to living a life where the physical person never realizes he or she is a soul and doesn’t connect to its higher self at some point in life. Ignorance becomes the cause of the second death.

Salvation in ancient Kemet is those who gain the ability to incarnate again. So those of you that are listening to or watching this video are living life, that means you have already received salvation according to the ancient Kemetic teachings.

In other words, because you as a soul are existing in a physical body you have been saved. Period!

I want to answer the question of what is the difference between spirit and soul  by teaching you a little of the ancient African science behind what you are.

Did you know that the power to create in your life comes from an aspect of the soul that is esoterically called the father in the bible?

Most of us just thought when Jesus spoke of the father he was talking about God, his father. 

That’s not the case. Esoterically speaking, It goes a little deeper and more specific when you are talking about the stories in the bible, the universal concepts, the spiritual science and creating life on your terms.

I’m gonna to teach you a little deeper so that this knowledge can be practically applied in your life. Not just information you gather and has no impact in your life. You are a creator. And it is a specific aspect of the soul you use to create.

This knowledge is esoterically coded in the bible. I will start with the ancient teachings to give you the background knowledge then come back to how it shows up in the bible.

So in the kemetic system, there is a triad of what we call a soul today, the Ka, ba, and Ahk. These aspects are all energetic or metaphysical. 

In this video i’m going to deal specifically with the ba and Ka aspects because they are specific to what most know about the soul. But know that the Ahk is the light part of your being. 

So, The Ba is the aspect that is termed spirit in today's terminology. According to ancient Kemetic teachings, spirit is the essence of all things in the universe. So to help you understand this idea in todays language, you can say that the concept of spirit is the same concept of what we call energy in our scientific terms today. Everything is energy, right?

So you already conceptually understand what spirit is. Its the Same idea conceptually about energy, just different terminology. 

So it makes sense that energy is everything and therefore the essence of all things. The first law of thermodynamics says energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only change forms. The ancient would say the same concept this way, spirit is eternal. 

The ancient Egyptians would say in the beginning is ba, in the end is ba. In other words, there is nothing that is not ba. The modern way to say this, is that everything is energy. Our science confirms this idea, again just using different terminology.

So the answer to the first part of the question, what is spirit? would be that it is the essence of all things in the universe, what we call energy today. The Ba or energy is our link to the creator. It is a part of who we are and we are infused with it. Not separate from the creator as Christianity teaches.

Along side this energy is a universal intelligence. We call it consciousness today. In ancient Kemet this intelligence was personified with the neter Maat. 

The individualized soul is a little more complicated. Explaining this will also help you understand the idea of what is meant by “the father” in the bible.

As Christians we were taught to think of God like a parent. We were taught to believe that when Jesus was talking about the father that it's like talking to his dad. 

This is where the idea of a human like God throws you off track when It comes to the ancient spiritual science. But in the esoteric language and Kemetic Science, father is more of a specific reference to what we might call the divine masculine principle. It is an active principle. This principle is the aspect of the Ka.

 Remember part of the feminine principle is analogous to the receptive womb. The divine masculine principle is the active seed giver that implants into the womb.

As stated in other videos, the ancient Africans used nature to symbolize metaphysical concepts.

Therefore to in order to understand how creation works, they used a sexual union between a man and a woman as an analogy.

So in this analogy, in order for the father or divine masculine to implant the seed what is the very first thing that has to occur within him? The father or masculine has to first get aroused.

This arousal state is symbolized by the ancients as fire. In other words, the masculine principle has to get fired up first for anything sexual to occur. 

In todays terminology for the process of manifestation, this is what we call desire. So fire equals desire. Fire or desire is always the first cause of anything in creation. Fire is one of the four alchemical elements. It’s the foundational aspect of anything that is or will be created. Without desire, nothing happens.

 When the father or divine masculine gets aroused what happens to the phallus? Naturally it gets hard. As a matter of fact, it gets hard as a rock.

If you check, etymologically in English isn’t a nick name for a male phallus a Peter? In the bible didn’t jesus say tell peter that he was the rock in which he would build his church? Did you ever know that the nick name peter for the phallus came via ancient metaphors? 

This idea of the active masculine principle even works linguistically. Put a piece of tissue paper in front of your mouth and pronounce the letter P. Doesn’t a puff of air protrude from your lips that move the piece of tissue paper?

Also, interestingly enough, If you turn the letter P on its side does it not look like a scrotum and phallus?

And you thought letters in the alphabet were just arbitrary symbols huh?

The P brings us back to the neter Ptah. Ptah Sounds like a proper way to say Peter doesn’t it? Peter is actually a cognate of the ancient egyptian word Ptah. The Greek word Petra means rock. These words and names are all connected for a logical reason.

So the ancient neter Ptah, on one level, is the principle of the desire or fire in all of creation. This major aspect of the soul is called the Ka. Ptah is the father of all Kas. Ptah is symbolized as a one legged entity with its hands free. 

The one leg is symbolic of being wrapped up like a mummy. The wrapping for Ptah is physical matter. The hands free, symbolizes that it has the ability to create. 

 If you will notice the way Ptah was symbolized with one leg, you will notice the Osiris looks the same way. His hands are free as well.

 That’s because the ancients were symbolically expressing to all that grasps this knowledge that functionally, Osiris, the soul within mankind functions as the universal creator Ptah and is the Ka of the earth earth plane. Osiris is wrapped like Ptah.

This is an important aspect to grasp about you as an individualized soul. You have that power within you to create you world just as the creator created our physical universe. For the ancient Kemetians, It’s a natural aspect of the universe.

The wrapping or mummification is the human body in this case. This takes us back to the previous teaching in the series on the body as the womb or tomb. Don’t get confused about the mummy, tomb, and womb. They are all analogies or metaphors depending on what level you are addressing. 

The difference between Ptah and Osiris is that Ptah is universal and Osiris is specific to the earth plane. Ptah as the father of all Kas. Osiris is the father of all earth Kas. 

So often times, when Jesus is addressing the father, esoterically he is talking about his Ka or the osiris aspect which is the power of manifestation within each of us. In Matthew 6:7 and 8 Jesus implies that you need more than words to get a prayer answered. He says the father knows what you need before you ask. So stay tuned for the next video series and I will be giving away a powerful process next week that was not explained in the bible.

The ancients are trying to express to you through this symbolic esoteric language, that you, the soul in flesh, through the divine masculine principle have the ability to create! You just have to have the skills and processes to access the father or creator within you.

The virgin Mary or Isis would be the environment or womb that the desire or seed of the divine masculine is implanted in. The manifestation would be the child or Horus/Jesus. Horus/Jesus is the fruit that would show you the “face of the father.” In other words, the seed has the potential to be something, but you don’t know what seed was planted until the creation is birthed. Horus/Jesus is the revealer.

In principle, the child and the father are one and the same. This is confirmed In the bible, it says I and the father are one. Now you understand what that means esoterically.

So this fire aspect is an aspect of the soul. The Ka is the container for spirit. A good analogy to help you grasp the relationship to spirit and soul is what a balloon does when you blow air into it. Air cannot be localized or pinpointed until it’s in a container.  Energy or spirit cannot be localized until there is a Ka to contain it. There is way more connected to this idea symbolically but this will give you a good start. I detail this more in my course.

Your Ka is the container for the Ba or spirit that animates you and gives you life. Again, thats the relationship to spirit and soul.

The soul in the individualized aspect of Ba or spirit. Within a soul is the ability to create. 

You have the ability to harness the creative power of the Ka within you.

The Ka is the father or active masculine principle that is opposite the receptive feminine principle. The body is the womb or feminine principle that the soul is enveloped in that it is to grow and gain wisdom. The Ba is spirit that is the stuff that everything in creation is animated by. As a human being you are spirit, soul, and body. 

Notice on the thumbnail I included the symbol called the Mer - Ka - Ba. Mer or meri is what we conceptually call the law of attraction today. On the metaphysical level It is the environment that attracts the seed or Ka and its animating energy or spirit, the Ba. Merkaba on one level is the components of a soul.

This knowledge should help you understand the difference between spirit and soul. 

Let’s take this new understanding of the power of the divine masculine to real life. 

I know many of you want to do more but not sure what that is. You are filled with doubts about what your purpose is.  But Our communities need you to get a new mindset so we can collectively come together and build income streams so that we can begin building and investing in our communities. No one will save us but us. We need to have the means to invest into our young people. We should be able to employ our young people and mentor them.

Some of you want to do real estate investing, some of you want to start your own business and work for yourself. But what's stopping you is a negative mindset. 

This ancient Kemetic knowledge is designed to cure you of all fears and negativity that's holding you back.

Just for a moment visualize with me about, what kinds of charities and non profits could you give to in your communities that are building others as well when you are creating from your gift and superpower? What would you do with your free time to give back when you create your life on your terms? 

What would you do to love yourself and your family? Travel, invest, build a legacy for your children? That’s what tapping into the divine masculine will do for you. You begin to create a life from an empowered understanding of who you are. You already have the fire and desire within you because you have that dream or you want to quit your job. But what’s stopping you? Like most people it’s mindset. I’ve been there, done that, got a t-shirt!

When you truly grasp this knowledge you will know that it’ll help you unlearn the old negative programming and limited thinking. At the same time you learn, as gods and goddesses in training, how to create on this plain of existence. This knowledge was intended to be life hacks, not idols of worship.  It goes way beyond trying to be holy, righteous, and not trying to mess up.

 It’s about how you can create and live life boldly, authentically, unapologetically, and on your terms.

Thank you for watching, please subscribe like and share with anyone that would be consciously elevated and vibrationally uplifted by this.





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