What is the difference between Christianity and Kemetic Spirituality

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Hello everyone, this is Reginal Khu-akaru of Khemetic Centered Living dot com. I wanted to give you a quick comparison of the Christian religion to Kemetic spirituality for those beginning their journey into African spirituality. Why compare ancient Kemet to Christianity? Because the Kemetic spiritual system is like the grandmother of Christian teachings and it’s the only spiritual system that you can use to fact-check Christianity.

Christian beliefs have caused people to suffer all over the world. Most people in Christianity don’t even realize the negative effects of Christianity because they’re normalized due to everyone believing and behaving the same way. What I’ll do is quickly highlight some differences between Christianity and the African spiritual system of and Kemet. Why? because I’ve lived both of them.

So let’s get started

  1. Christianity wants you to believe in the absurd and not question it. Not only that, the stronger your belief or what they call faith in the absurd the better Christian you are. The idea that a man was dead for three days and then came back to life is the foundation of Christian beliefs. Christian pat themselves on the back for having faith in the absurd.
  2. In contrast, Kemetic Spirituality values experiential knowledge or wisdom over belief. For them, your inner guidance and uniqueness is your truth and may not be like anyone else’s
  3. Christianity demands that you look to authority for validation and truth. Because of theological wars with Gnostics early Christian fathers need followers that accepted authority rather than question it. Those in authority decided if you were on the right path or not.
  4. Kemetic Spirituality teaches you to tap into your inner guidance. Something we call intuition and to validate your own path for yourself
  5. Christianity teaches you’re to serve the will of God even at the expense of your own authentic self.
  6. Kemetic Spirituality teaches that you are connected via spirit to all of nature and that you and God are one being there is no conflict between being the best you and connecting with God
  7. Christianity teaches you to loathe and hate yourself. For example, the doctrine of original sin teaches that you are born a sinner and morally and ethically corrupt because of the disobedience of the original parents of mankind Adam and Eve. Because of this, you need to be saved but you are barely worth saving. I know some Christian will defend this so I'm going to give you a common-sense idea, get up every morning and look in the mirror and say to yourself I am a worthless sinner and only God can love me, do this for 30 days and see what that does to your self-esteem. Oh my bad, you do that every day anyway.
  8. Kemetic Spirituality teaches you to know thyself because when you do you can experience the magnificence of God through because you’re the ultimate expression of God on earth
  9. In Christianity belief is the highest level of learning. Belief is based on the opinions you have from others. In other words, because someone tells you that the bible is the word of God you are demanded to accept that opinion and looked down upon as lacking faith if you question that opinion. This promotes self-doubt and low self-esteem
  10. Kemetic Spirituality teaches that experiential learning is the only way to gain true revelation for yourself. True wisdom in the inner contemplation of knowledge, the insights gained by the inner contemplation is the highest level of learning within the ancient Kemetic spiritual system. By default, this perspective promotes high self-esteem
  11. Christianity keeps you connected to low vibrational energy with threats of damnation to hell for eternity. You live with a constant anxiety. It is implied that if you enjoy life too much it’s probably a sin which keeps you in constant conflict within yourself
  12. Kemetic Spirituality promotes living life as a gift. Salvation comes through gaining wisdom from personal experience and by staying true to the mission you incarnated to learn

The bottom-line difference between Christianity vs Khemeticism is that Christianity implores you to develop a relationship to God so that you can be in his good graces and not be judged

Kemetic spirituality teaches you to develop the divinity within you and connect to it to find peace and balance in your life.

The results of Christianity within the African diaspora has bared the fruit of many around the world that live in an oppressed state of poverty and/or self-hatred. Believing and accepting the anti-human doctrines of original sin has had a damaging effect.

No human being can develop themselves mentally or spiritually with an opinion of themselves that is based on a negative orientation. We have to shed the negative belief systems of Christianity. My work is based on giving you the facts and the original paradigm of belief, appreciation, and love for self, within the ancient African cosmology.

With Christianity, you begin to really put yourself down because you can never measure up to perfection. The by-product is you live judging others because you have to prop up your self-esteem by comparing how worse off someone else is to yourself. You then have disdain and loathing for others.

A by-product of Kemetic spirituality and of loving who you are gives others the room to be themselves and love themselves. You can also love them wherever they are in their journey and respect them.

It’s time to remove the yolk of religion and reacquaint ourselves with the true spiritual wisdom and practices of the ancestors.

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