What does the cross really mean at Christmas

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What does the cross really mean at Christmas

The placement of the cross tells a story about the son/sun traveling through the zodiac.


On December 22,the sun/son "dies" signaling the winter solstice where nights will be longer than days. The son/sun sets in the same position on the horizon for three days until the sun/son will be "born" or "reborn" on the 25th when each day it will set a little higher on the horizon until the vernal equinox when the day is equal to night.

This signals the beginning of springtime or Easter when days become longer than night. The sun/son is then said to "triumphs over darkness" and is "resurrected."

In the summertime, the sun gets strong and heats the winds that feels like a lions breath (these stories begin in Africa). It enters the house of Leo where the son/sun is known as the "lion of Judah" that comes in power and glory.

Around September the sun/son reaches a point on the horizon where day and night is equal again. It is a place of balance (libra scales) known as the autumnal equinox or "The mount."

Until October when the sun/son is stung by the scorpion (kissed by Judas because a scorpion sting looks like a pair of lips) and begins its slow death setting lower on the horizon each day until it dies on "the cross" the 22nd of December. (the catholic church changed the original story for dramatic effect and placed the crucifixion in the spring.)

The story of Jesus is the story of the sun/sons travels through the zodiac.

This is why we celebrate these travels of the sun as major holidays tied to "the greatest story ever told."

Merry Christmas!





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