The origin of many spiritual concepts is from numerology

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The origin of many spiritual concepts is from numerology

The ancient Africans were masters at expressing profound ideas through symbolism.

Below is how they used different symbols to express an idea in different ways. The foundation of these symbols is numbers. For the ancient Africans, "all is number" a term you may have heard expressed by their Greek students of the ancient mystery schools.

The ancient pyramids symbolize on one level unity (1), duality (2), trinity (3 each side is a triangle) , foundation of life (4 the double reaction or cross) the foundation of the pyramid is a square, and the ability to perpetuate life, (5 the pyramid rises up like a phallus to penetrate and seed the building block and nurturer of creation; spirit or mother to produce the created or child).

The cross is simply another way to represent those same numbers on one level.

Mankind, represented by the child/son/iusa/Jesus pinned to the cross is the perpetuating seed of the universe. These numbers and symbols are a symbolic "shorthand" for the formula to create reality.

You god/goddess are the seed that sprang from the union of spirit and desire. You are not a finished product. You are the potential of all that can exist. You are on a journey or path back to unity.

The pyramid and the cross are the same idea represented two different ways. Don't believe me?

Draw a cross like a plus (+) sign and imagine picking it up from the middle to stand on its four points. It will be shaped like a pyramid.

Jesus didn't die on the cross. KRST was born on the cross. That KRST is you and all of creation.

I don't believe in Jesus but KRST is an aspect of my life every day. It is spiritual science to use, not worship.



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