The Kemetic origin of Law of Attraction and meaning of Ta-Meri

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The Kemetic origin of Law of Attraction and meaning of Ta-Meri

Have you ever wondered why there are so many women named Mary around Jesus in the bible?

You can find your answer to this through the origin of the myths in ancient Kemetic Science.

It starts with the name the ancient Africans called earth, which was "Ta-Meri." For the ancient Egyptians to name something wasn’t arbitrary. To know somethings true name is to know its power.

For this reason, the ancient Egyptian language was based on the sounds of words. In other words, it was a vibrational language.

To know the true name of a Neter meant that if you knew how to pronounce it correctly you could unleash its power within you to create and manifest in the world. 

The ancient Egyptians did not write the vowels in their Hieroglyphic inscriptions because if the general population knew those vowels they could release the power of that Neter. That’s why you will see so many different ways the names of neters can be spelled differently in the English language. For example, Amen or Amun; Ra or Re. Neither way is incorrect.

According to the ancient Egyptians, all the Neters True names were known in creation, except one. Amen's true name was "unutterable." Growing up Christian I remember being told that in some religions God’s real name was not known and it was not proper to say his real name. This unutterable aspect of Amen is called by the Egyptians, the Neter of Neters or as we have heard said the God of God’s.

So Keep in mind as we move forward that the Kemetic names of neters were not arbitrary. Each letter in each name was literally a concept. This was prominent in African languages.

This background knowledge on names is needed to grasp how the concept we call the Law of Attraction today. It was figuring out the unspoken science behind the mythology of this powerful concept when I finally understood why the law of attraction was not working consistently for me.

So, the letters and true name bring us back to the name the Egyptians called earth. It was Ta-Meri. Ta means earth and Meri means beloved.

What's in a name?

Let’s look at the word Meri.

The etymological origin is the Egyptian letters /M/ and /R/.

There are many names that we can come up with by using those two letters and placing vowels before the letters, after the letters or in between them. This is exactly what was done to translate the Egyptian Hieroglyphic word MR into the English word MeRi.

As stated before MR meant beloved in the ancient African language on one level, but on a metaphysical level it had a deeper meaning. In the Kemetic Science MR, MeR, or MaR, meant magnetization or attraction (as in the law of attraction).

This attraction aspect was part of all feminine Neters that were a part of the terrestrial world. So the Neters Isis, Nephthys, Neith, Hathor, and others were nicknamed MeRi, or Beloved because of their function of magnetizing and bringing the vital forces to earth and our lives.

Isis and Nephthys were known as the two MeRi’s in ancient Kemet. In other words, they worked in tandem and were beloved as Neters.

Magnetizing as a function is actually hidden in the bible myths. All english names with MR in them is a coded way of saying they are the magnetizing principle in the myth. The attraction aspect is, of course, what we know as the Law of attraction concept today. Make no mistake, the origin of the concept known as law of attraction was being practiced in African thousands of years ago. Of course that was alluded to in the secret, but only as if it were the greeks. Guess where they got it from? Their Egyptian teachers.

You will see biblically the name Mary and Martha around Jesus often. They are the feminine neters, Isis, Nephthys, Neith, and Serket. To distinguish which one is to recognize their function in nature.

You have MaRy the mother of Jesus

MaRy Magdalene who was “beloved” by Jesus

MaRy and MaRtha the sisters of Lazarus who is actually Ausar or the more well known name, Osiris

MaRy mother of James and MaRy Magdalene who brought spices and oil

MaRy of Salome

These were all written about in the bible. According to Wikipedia the name Mary is mentioned 53 times in the New Testament. Most times they were mentioned around Jesus, his resurrection, the resurrection of Lazarus or the death of Jesus.

They are all aspects of the original Egyptian myth in the world of Osiris Un-Nefer -  who is master over all cycles of renewal in Nature.

The underworld of earth or Ta-Meri is the souls playground so to speak. The ancient Egyptians recognized that our concrete world is preceded by a spiritual or metaphysical world.

As gods and goddesses in training, In order to recognize and develop your power to create and manifest you life, on your terms, you must begin to learn how our world is materialized. How your life becomes materialized. The myth and symbols of ancient Egypt are giving you deep clues. But if you stay stuck worshiping aspects of scripture you will remain asleep to your true nature and power.

When truly understood this information is to help teach you, as gods and goddesses in training, how to create on this plain of existence. It is about how you can choose to live life boldly, authentically, unapologetically, and on their terms.

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