Revealing the divine Ka in the triad of the human soul and gaining superhuman powers

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Revealing the divine Ka in the triad of the human soul and gaining superhuman powers

Table of Contents

Are you saved?
The basics of the divine Ka explained
Origin of "the Father"
Biblical symbolic connections to the Ka

Your Christian friends probably think you're crazy, right? How could you start questioning the Bible and Christian teachings?

Have you failed miserably, by Christian standards, to follow the rules and doctrines that are humanly impossible to adhere to? Have you judged yourself in a way that causes you to see yourself as broken and damaged because you couldn't live up to those standards?

In this article, you will get a basic primer on the false Christian idea of the soul that will give you clarity on why you want to learn and follow this concept minus the dogma and judgment.

Most people follow Christian teachings with the idea that the reward is to unite with the "Father in heaven" while many others just see the teachings as a bunch of rules that keep everyone in check.



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The idea of uniting with the father has some spiritual truth to it. It is based in ancient spiritual science, not superstition that has no foundation of knowledge accept to simply believe on faith.

One of the aspects of early Christianity you must understand that's not well known is that Christianity was built on the idea that ignorance produced a much better follower of Jesus.

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In other words, the less you knew the easier it was to accept the ideas of faith and not question or analyze them. The idea of the soul was one that Christian father deliberately dumbed down for its followers.

Are you saved?

That's a question that you hear being asked by Christians often. It is based in fear and indoctrination. Basically asking are you saved from hell? That's the fear part that so many of us as Christian would cling too. That when we accept Jesus we are saved from hell. But originally it didn't mean that? Salvation was about the ability to reincarnate.

As a Christian, I was taught that we have a body and a soul. One is physical and the other non-physical and eternal. It was a concept reduced to a very vague idea, called a soul, that in fact is very intricate and detailed. Much more than I can go into this short article. But I can give you the basics that you may want to research further.

The idea of your relationship to the soul may need to be broadened. Here's what I mean. As Christians, we are taught that you have a soul that needs to be saved.

But in reality, know that you ARE a soul. It is not something separate from you. it's not something you become when you die. Your soul is as natural as the body and your body as spiritual as the soul. They are an intricate unity of mind, body, and spirit that we talk about as separate aspects but really are not. They are so intertwined that in the science of spirit they cannot be separated.

Christianity really did a number on us to incorporate fear and control within its doctrines. Their idea of salvation is completely different from the ancient Egyptians. Christians fathers wiped out the idea of reincarnation and replaced it with ideas like dying and going to heaven or hell. Salvation was the soul being saved from burning for eternity in hell. Did you know that Christianity is the only religious system that has an idea of a soul that can be tormented in an eternal hell?

For the ancient Egyptian reincarnation was a reality. For them, salvation was the ability to be reincarnated to live another life. If you didn't gain wisdom and unite with your higher Ka you could no longer exist as an individualized unity of Ba And Ka (more on that later) but there was no eternal hell. The inability to unite the Ba and Ka was called the second death. You would simply no longer exist as an individualized unit. Since you are alive and reading this, YOU ARE SAVED!

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The ancient Egyptians talked about separate parts but knew that the soul is a symphony of vibration and frequencies. Trying to separate the soul from constituent elements is like trying to separate sounds in a musical piece. You can talk about the different instruments that are included in the music and even how they come together to produce the music that we hear. But there is no way we can separate and dissect the actual music that is produced from all the different instruments.

Like a music piece, you can know the instruments that produced it, but aspects of the Ba and Ka can only be known through their effects.

What I am about to express here is the tip of the iceberg in this spiritual science. The ancient Egyptians broke down the constituent elements of the soul to the most minute detail. It is based on many thousands of years of spiritual science.

According to the ancient Egyptians, there are three main constituent elements of a human being.  The Ba, The Ka, and physical body (more on this later). These elements can be broken down further into seven parts. What this article will focus on are the three aspects that are connected to the teachings of Christianity and distorted by using the vague term soul.

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Most spiritual systems break down the parts of the human being to contain the physical elements and the non-physical or metaphysical elements. They use different names but are conceptually the same.

The Christian religion dumbed down their teachings of the soul. They went from the original teachings of a triad to simply the soul and body. But this idea of the soul is too vague to really aid you in developing and recognizing your "God-self" which the aim of the original teachings.

Why should you invest the time is understanding the true teachings about the soul?

Because there are those of us that seek an uncommon depth in understanding to ferret out the truth. The goal of many spiritual systems is to unite the constituent elements of the human soul and the body. When it is accomplished you are able to live a life with "superhuman powers."

The Egyptian priests were viewed as superhuman in the ancient world (click link to purchase book)

You are able to develop what the Bible calls the seven gifts of the holy spirit when you unite the spiritual triad. But as Christians, you are taught that many of these gifts are evil or satanic.

As stated before Christianity oversimplified this idea into only two parts the soul and the body.

In order to understand the Egyptian concept of the soul, you are going to have to do two things most likely different than you have before.

  1. You will have to trust your intuition (this is practicing maat, accessing wisdom from within)
  2. You will have to think as the ancient Khemetians/Egyptians their cosmology
The real you is not the physical body (click cover to purchase book)

For the ancient Egyptians, the real you is the entity that animates the physical body. What we as Christians and other traditions call the soul, is a vague application of a powerful concept.  The Kemetic belief of the soul as the "real" you, when speaking about anything to do with spiritual matters, is their orientation and not the physical body. This entity is eternal. It creates that physical body that is simply a transitory expression of the eternal aspect of the true self.

This is all very abstract, but what I will do is break it down as the ancient Egyptians did.

The basics of the divine Ka explained

The ancient Egyptians had a much more expressive idea of what we call the soul today. I will use their terminology and define it with our modern terms. I will go through the mythology to express the same exact ideas in another way to hopefully give you a better understanding. The whole time you are reading this if you get a flash of intuitive inspiration flow with it. That is your inner wisdom coming through to help you experience the idea, not simply understand it intellectually.

The ancients had three levels of consciousness or triad to produce a form, be it human or a tree or an atom.  Any physicalized form must contain these components. one is the Divine Ka, two is the lower Ka, and three is physical matter, in our case we will be talking about the physical body.

The divine Ka actually has two elements within it. The breath of life or the Ba must be present to animate (bring it into being) anything in the physical universe. The aspect of the Ba is incomprehensible by the human mind. The Ba is the universal spiritualized aspect that couples with the divine Ka to create an individualized expression of The All(God).

The divine Ka is what allows the Ba to situate, localize, or fix itself 

in the physical

Divine Ka as the container The Divine Ka holds the Divine Ba in place


The divine Ka is the container, so to speak, for an otherwise universal aspect to individualize. In other words like water in a glass, the Ba needs a container to have any form. These two aspects together are the spark of God within each of us and all things in the universe.

The angel on my shoulder origin

The divine Ka/Ba then creates that third or trinitarian aspect that is the source of the human body called the lower Ka. The lower Ka is the personality that is born in flesh. It is the aspect that can be affected by the human emotions. It is the aspect that gives intuitive impulses to you in the physical.

It is also tethered to the experiences of being human. It likes the drama of it all.

We call this lower Ka aspect our astral (energetic) body. The ancient Egyptians called it "the shade." Just like the divine Ka, It is situated outside of space and time.

To understand how the divine Ka and the lower ka work with our physical mind is the analogy of the good angel (divine Ka) and the Devil (lower Ka)

sitting on each shoulder. The idea of a devil on one shoulder should let you know the analogy is a Gnostic/Christian one. :)

But you can think of the divine Ka and the lower Ka as analogous to one being in the valley and can only see what is in the immediate vicinity. The divine Ka is high on a mountain and can see things long before the lower Ka and the physical mind encounter them. "the father knows what you need before you ask."

The lower Ka can get blinded by what's in front of it so to speak. It can get caught up in "the world."  That's why it is the devil. It can be moved by your emotions and physical experience. It can become egotistical because it wants to be the prime mover in your experience. But when enlightened it can call on the divine Ka (the Father) for aid in navigating through the valley. "Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for thou art with me..."

The Divine Ka is above the physical emotions and experience. It is the direct connection to the universal One. It cannot be affected by your physical experiences. That's why it is the angel. The Divine Ka is not egotistical. Uniting with it will bring a peace and calm in your life that you have never known.

One thing that will happen when uniting with the Divine Ka is you will become more intuitive. It will give you knowledge and wisdom that bypasses the brain. You will just get "a knowing" that will "download" to you in an instant.  However, it may take you 20 minutes to explain what it all means. Connecting with the Divine Ka is like building a muscle, the more you use it the stronger the connection becomes.

The "force" of the divine Ka is intertwined within all of creation. Therefore it can have many levels and its different names depending on the level.

The ancient Egyptians expressed this same idea in myth as well; Ptah on the universal level, Ausar/Osiris for the physical human level.

The story of the immaculate conception is telling you the science behind the creation of a human soul. Auset(Isis) turns herself into a bird, hovers over the mummy (lifeless matter), flaps her wings so vigorously (the air from the wings represent the breath of life or Ba) that Ausar becomes erect (the divine Ka) ejaculates and Heru is born. From death comes life. In the Bible, this concept was stated as “I and the father are one.” In other words, the divine Ka and the lower Ka are one.

Origin of "the Father"

The letter /j/ is an embellishment of the letter /i/ no letter /j/ until the 1600's

The divine Ka is called the father of the fathers of Neters. The Son has “the face” of the father. Meaning that the only way you can know of the Divine Ka is from what it produces. The son is representative of the part of the cycle to reproduce or perpetuate itself. A way the ancients expressed the idea of the ever-coming son as Iu the Sa (Iusa = yay-oosah). The Greek Gnostics called it Iuseous.  The Hebrews called it Yeshua. Later that same idea was erroneously historicized and called Jesus.

The idea of the Khemetic science was to give you a science of being and becoming or evolving. Through your personal Journey, you are to learn to unite with the “father” who is in heaven (a place not of this earth, please see Luke 17:20-21).

This means when you become enlightened (uniting your lower Ka and Divine Ka) you will gain what the ancients thought were "superhuman" abilities. We might call them psychic abilities in modern times. They were aware of these ideas back then. The Bible calls them the seven gifts of the spirit (1 Corinthians 12:8-10).

Superhuman abilities when connecting to the divine Ka

When you are able to connect you can then open yourself to spiritual experiences that are literally out of this world. You are no longer bound by the human body and the logical brain. You gain the powers of ESP, self-healing, telekinesis, wisdom, the ability to tap into future events in your life and many others.

Many of us already have these gifts but have been afraid to express them and use them. As Christians, we got boxed into thinking only Jesus could do these things. Or if you were connected to fearful circles, as stated before, those gifts were from Satan.

In actuality, they are natural aspects of our human experience. They are abilities connected to the universe that anyone can tap into. Some of us are more gifted in certain areas than others. Like having the ability to run fast. Some people have psychic abilities equivalent to a  gifted Olympian like Usain Bolt. We can all run, just not like an Olympian.

We all have the gifts, just maybe not as gifted in some areas as others. and that's ok. Just work with who you uniquely are.

The point to understand here is that they are not some religious idea that only one Godman had. They are a part of your human expression.



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Biblical symbolic connections to the Ka

The lower Ka can get caught in an egotistical net. Symbolically speaking you can be as stubborn as an ass/mule when the ego is involved. Hmmm, didn’t Jesus ride in on an ass in a bible story? It's a symbolic reference to the ego being in control.

The lower Ka can get caught in the net (ancient Egyptians viewed the body as a net the soul is captured in)  of the reincarnation cycle because it can never rise above the tendencies of the ego and physical mind. Hmmm, “follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” In other words, help them rise above their ego!

A net is an ancient Egyptian symbol of the body in relation to the soul

Are you getting the deeper symbolic ideas being expressed in the Bible beyond the superstitious worship? One must connect lower Ka and unite with the “father” (divine Ka).

There is so much more to you than your physical body. You are the universe expressing itself in human form for a short time. You are superhuman.

As said before this is more of a primer on this knowledge. It is much more intricate than I have put forth here.

My hope is that you will share what you are learning with those that are seeking due to the pain and confusion they are living in. Humanity needs healing from doctrines that have caused so much fear, guilt, and shame.


Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru

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