Ptah and the origin of "the fall"

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Ptah and the origin of "the fall"

Ptah is the active and causal principle of fire who is held captive in matter through his "fall" into space, time, and matter. This is where the idea of the biblical fall of man originated. Ptah "opened out earth and time."

The creative trinity is expressing an alchemical concept of their needing to be three aspects to create any phenomenon. Atum opened the Nun and was the first elements of the perceptible Universe. Atum itself is a trinity. Ra as the opener of the substance that the universe is created from and Ptah is the opener of space, time, and matter or the physical earth.

Of course underneath all of this is the Neter of Neters called Amen but the ancients say we have no idea what its components are as they are incomprehensible to the human mind. We can only know Amen because of the effects. Meaning we can see and experience so there had to be something that underlies all of what we experience.

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Again, what we know as names were letters of concepts in the original khemetic language expressing functions of nature.

Ptah, as the physical expression of creation, is the effect of the creative action started by Atums fire or desire. Atum is the source of the idea of the Fall from absolute unity. Biblical Adam is a cognate or derived from the word Atum.

Ptah is continuous creation because anything that materializes or comes into being in the perceptible universe has to first have the desire to exist. This is where the ideas of law of attraction states there must first be desire as the most important step to manifest anything. It is alchemy 101.

Ptah is analogous, to the trunk of a tree that splits in two by his fall into corporeality. In other words, duality occurs to create the perceptible Universe. Many branches spring from the two halves but each keeps the character of the half it derives from. The first branch produces neters of cause and activity (masculine) and the second branch produces Neters of form or the containers for the active seed, which is the feminine aspect.

This is why Ptah is symbolized with one leg. It is androgynous. Going back to the gender principle, Ptah had qualities of masculine and feminine or active and passive. 

As the branches descend further towards the materializing they may intertwine and cross but the qualities of Ptah and the ternary of creative neters are always aspects of anything created or it couldn't exist. It would be like have two branches of desserts, like cakes and pies. They are both different but flour is needed as an ingredient in both to be made.


When imprisoned in the lowest depths of the matter in which he "works" his active heat is the hidden force in the generation of any physical expression. Just another way of saying desire is the first step of any creation or manifestation. Nothing happens without desire that is Ptah first.


Atum as the first impetus to exist was the initial fire for the perceptible universe. That seed of desire had to have the nourishment of Ra as the holy spirit. As stated in an earlier unit, the seed nourished in the spirit or metaphorical soil became the fruit or ability to perpetuate itself.

Ptah and the fire (desire) to create all potential forms. when you desire to create a beautiful cake, or build a huge house, develop a beautiful yard around that house, or start a business, then the passion and desire of Ptah is what's working through you. it's the passion to make, build, or create anything. That is the universal principle. Ptah is known as the "master craftsman."

On an individual level, your Ka as an aspect of Ptah, is the desire to manifest a physical body. Our cells and organs have Kas as well. It's the principle of as above so below. Again, in order for anything to manifest anything in the physical the fire of the Ka is its source with the Ba as the spirit aspect that will animate or bring it to life.

Ba and Ka are inseparable components in creation.

The passion that is the Ka becomes the force that attracts the Ba and acts as the container for the Ba that animates the perceptible universe and the individual Khat or body.

Ptah's desire and passion as a force that is the Ka is known as the Father of fathers of the Neters. Without the passion and desire nothing would ever come into existence. Horus is the "face" of the Father; the ever-coming son that is the result of the seed being planted so to speak in spirit. It is what comes out of the seed.

You will see this fire represented in sexual ways. The phallus or obelisk. The virility of a bull representative of the desire and fire. Those symbols should give you insight into other Neters.

Notice how the same principle changes names depending on if it is more universal or individual. Coming through the dimeson of the Dwat the desire to create reality is represented by Osiris. Notice his one leg as well. These similarities in symbolizing the neters should always be seen a a clue and part of the framework to help you understand intuitively information about the neters. They become functional equivelents no matter what world they operate within.

Coming down to earth the principle of perpetuation that was Iu at the universal level becomes Horus at the individual level.

Horus as an aspect of light became known as Lucifer. Only readers of the King James version of the bible see Lucifer as connected to something evil. Before then Lucifer as light was connected to the morning star, which was actually the planet Venus.

In ancient Kemet the fall is about how spirit falls into matter/nature, not the sin of man as it became through the Gnostics and then inherited by Christianity.

What force holds the spirit in matter? In Kemet the neter Seth means opposition. This force of opposition holds spirit in flesh. The desire to exist becomes the trap of spirit in flesh.

When you begin to unravel the ancient Egyptian Neters, you can’t help but expose the origins of Christianity and understand where it came off the tracks of a spirituality that uplifted mankind to one that beats individuals into a fearful submission to illogical and irrational faith in misinformation.



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