Origin of sin and why you should question the doctrine

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2021

Origin of sin and why you should question the doctrine

Egyptan Ptah sin

Sin is a fabricated erroneous theory

Sin is an idea founded from a very negative philosophy about the creation of physical expression. It's a theory, not a law.

You are not a born sinner! When I was a Christian guilt and shame were such a major part of my day and the people around me I thought it was normal!

Hamartiology is the "study" of sin within Christian theology. Ok? But where did they get the idea? They screwed up the original, liberating teachings from the temple of Ptah in Egypt.


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A "doctrine" is a theory. In other words, Christian doctrines are theories someone made up and I accepted the toxic beliefs. I'm so glad I fact checked! No more guilt or shame as a part of my day!

The concept of sin was based on the idea that being physical was a flawed aspect of the creator established by lesser "Aeons" or supernatural beings. This was based on a Gnostic belief system.

The belief system originates from a negative perspective. Many of the Christian doctrines are built on this negative foundation. We must examine these ideas and the impact on individual psychology and the psyche of humanity.

Let's educate and be compassionate to those coming out of Christianity. Don't berate and attack.



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