Maat means balance

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Maat means balance

Did you know that your soul perceives through you every day? How do you recognize when this happens? The way you experience the divine feminine is unique to everyone.

One of the causalities of western reliance on a rational thought process is the belief that the rational mind is the BEST way to perceive the world and act on it.


Maat is to have balance in all things

But rational thought is perception based in cause and effect linear time perception. It is the masculine and physical aspect of perceiving. You as a soul are outside of linear time.

The brain in analogous to a radio. When you turn it on you can hear music from it or a talk show but is the band playing the music or the talk show host inside the radio? No, the brain is only a receiver locked in linear time and space.

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The soul and the way it perceives is not trapped by the perception of the brain. Time and space are irrelevant to the inner eternal you. Our African ancestors and most indigenous cultures were aware of this fact. Have you ever had a thought that you received in an instant but it takes you twenty minutes to explain it?

Have you ever had a déjà vu experience where you felt like you had experienced an event before? Have you ever dreamed what seemed like hours or days only to wake up and realize a few minutes have passed on the clock? How is it that you are able to “hear” the words of what you are now reading?

These experiences are all happening within the divine feminine aspect of your consciousness. They are natural and so common we don’t even think about it.  It is you, as a soul, perceiving the multidimensional expression of who you are.

You must begin to recognize that part of you. Especially men. We are taught by western hyper-masculine culture to not turn into our inner space of feelings and emotions. But know that in that space is the wisdom of the ages. The ability to balance your outer rational masculine and intuitive inner feminine is one of the practices of Maat.

It’s not enough to understand only the dictionary meaning of Maat as truth, justice, balance, and harmony. The application of it can be profound and life changing. Our African ancestors understood the dance of the masculine and feminine at a level most of us have yet to achieve.

As a Christianized African diaspora we have been taught to look outside ourselves for answers. We were told to look in the bible or to pray to a God believing “Him” to intervene on our behalf because he liked us more than another person. It is/was a child like way to understand the creator.

Our African ancestors had a way of viewing God and self that was empowering to them. It was a different paradigm in thinking than we do today because of our western Eurocentric roots in philosophy and religion.

I have put together an online course that will aid you in understanding the basic paradigm in the way our ancestors thought. It goes beyond historical facts and dates.

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