How To Help Our Christian family Out Of An Abusive Relationship With Religion

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How To Help Our Christian family Out Of An Abusive Relationship With Religion

Many of us that are out of Christianity have a perspective to shake some sense into our Christian family. Because we have knowledge doesn't make us right and we'll not win them over if we are verbally abusive to them. Understand that our Christian family is already in an abusive relationship with their God and their religion.

Here’s what I mean by them already being in an abusive relationship.

Looking back on my time within Christianity it was like living with someone abusive always in my head.


A new world and new economy has started but most don't even recognize it! Will you thrive or just skate by to survive?


Click here because you cannot think and do the same things you did yesterday and hope to thrive in the new consciousness!

As a believer, I lived through cycles of fear and anxiety of endlessly burning in hell brought on by ideas of sin and guilt. Repenting and rededication produced temporary relief from the anxiety until a seemingly arbitrary misstep or transgression, such as a "sinful" thought produces a fall from grace and started the process all over again.

Christian family Being abusive to our Christian family

I had a relationship with an entity that requires total submission and blind obedience,  unrealistic expectations, sudden mood swings, "He"  saves me even though I'm barely worth saving AND, I should be grateful for this kind of psychotic love!

This is how many abusive relationships can be. Our Christian family lives this every single day! So if you want them to peek from behind the bible you can’t do so in an abusive manner. You can’t attack them and hope they will come over to your point of view.

Why would our Christian family want to leave one abusive relationship (With God) and enter one with you or anyone that wants to continually tell them how dumb they are for believing in Jesus?

Or how they are holding on to the slave masters religion.

They are curious!

This is the thing.  Unless you can explain and show them that it is safe (psychologically) to investigate beyond what they have been taught you will not reach them. They will put up a wall you will never get through or around.

You must have the ability to connect the origin of the bible and how Christianity changed the original teachings. You must do so with love and compassion for THEM and where they are in their journey. Not because you believe YOU have a better way. That's arrogant with a focus centered on yourself.

Our Christian family is very curious. They have seen the memes about ancient Kemetic science. But psychologically they have been taught to fear for their salvation if they question God (The bible). This fear is ingrained deep into the Christian psyche. Personally, it took years for me to finally get past the question, what if they were right? It's that way with most. Some more so than others. But it is a real fear. They also don’t want to deal with being put down either. What sane person would accept being attacked and constantly put down?

Unfortunately, too many think getting beyond the Christian indoctrination is like getting over a belief in Santa Clause. Psychologically, it goes much much deeper and has a strong hold on the psyche.

And no self-respecting person will deal with someone putting them down all the time. Would you? Of course not.

What you must do is show them how the bible IS still relevant to their spirituality without the fear and control mechanisms that Christianity has used. You must show them that the bible has many of the original  Kemetic science teachings preserved but often in codes.

The original teachings, that became a part of Christianity, were for initiates into the mystery system of Egypt, not the masses. They used codes in the form of symbols, metaphors, analogies, and myths.

You will have to go through the bible

You will NOT lead our Christian family out of the dogmatic, self-loathing, toxic beliefs of Christianity without first going through the bible. It is their place of safety and comfort. To attack it is not very smart. If you are at the stage of being angry for what you were taught you will not see any value in the bible.

I know because I was in that angry place about Christianity and the bible for many years. I thought the best use for a bible was as a doorstop! Until I started getting deeper into what the Kemetic spiritual system was teaching. Then the bible opened up at a whole ‘nother level beyond the literal and historical teachings of Christianity.

Here’s what I mean.

A whole civilization built on universal principles

Ancient Egyptians built a whole civilization of principles we call the Law of Attraction today. They understood that vibration or sound was the method of creation and that consciousness was the substance with the ability to renew and recreate itself in many forms.

What I just did was state the essence of the Kemetic "Creative Trinity." The Christian Father, Son, and the Holy spirit. It is Kemetic science taught by Christian fathers and the masses didn't understand. The ancient teachings of it is preserved in many scriptures of the bible but intertwined with the dogma of Christianity.

In the “Egyptian book of Coming forth by day” (book of the dead), the ancient Kemetians stated the concept of the Trinity that filtered into the bible via their myth like this, Ra said…”I am the Eternal…I am the Word…I created the Word.”

What do vocal cords have to do to create sound or a word? Answer: the vocal cords have to vibrate! That’s scientifically confirmed. How would ancient wisdom teachers pass this idea along to initiates without giving up the secret to people they didn’t want to know? They would use metaphors of course!

The "Word" is a metaphor for the science of Creation used by the ancients. Interestingly enough, modern science says the universe was created with a Big Bang or sound as well! But I digress.

This same concept is stated in John 1:1. In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

By connecting this biblical idea to its origins you can teach a Christian about the original intent and meaning of the Trinity beyond the dogma and about the science, not superstitious beliefs.

What became the biblical Trinity is the analysis of the initial impetus of Atum into the substance of the manifested universe.

The “Father” is expressing the active aspect of the INITIAL creation out of the feminine primordial waters of Nun. Spirit; energy; or consciousness is the “substance” of the universe. The son/child is how the ancients expressed metaphorically the ability of creation to renew and reproduce itself.

The number three (The Trinity) is a masculine number which tells you Atum actively came into being AS the universe. Biblically Christians express this concept as God being “the Alpha and the Omega, or “the beginning and the end.”

The concept originated with the ancient Egyptians, they called it Atum-Ra. Meaning Ra or "holy spirit" to Christians was the beginning and the end of all existence.

Christians often say God “works in mysterious ways.” When the ancient Egyptians wanted to express the mysterious aspect of God they spoke of Amen-Ra. Amen meaning the “hidden” aspect of God. Yes, the same Amen at the end of prayers.

The main point for our Christian family

This is the point I want to make. We don’t have to beat Christians up. We don’t have to verbally attack them and be abusive to them. You cannot change any consciousness with the same consciousness that created it.

You have to get beyond the memes and knowledge stage of learning about the ancient sciences if you really want to move the consciousness of our Christian brothers and sisters. You must be able to connect the ancient knowledge to the bible in a way that makes it safe for THEM and not simply satisfy your egotistical need to be right. MANY OF THEM ARE READY!

Once that’s done you can then take them deeper into the knowledge so that they can then gain wisdom. Knowledge is not enough! It is only the foundation that wisdom can be built on. Wisdom is the inner contemplation of knowledge.

Christians are literally our family, our brother, sister, father, mother, grandfather, or grandmother. Or they are some else’s family.

Care for them, teach them, don’t abuse and beat them!

They don’t care how much YOU know unless they know how much you care!


Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)



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