How to find your life purpose: A Kemetic perspective

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How to find your life purpose: A Kemetic perspective

Table of Contents

Stop the "serving God" struggle
Follow the "breadcrumbs" to your life purpose
The "Word" Made Flesh

Have you come to a place where you are asking what is your life purpose? When I was Christian that was a really easy question to answer but not always simple to apply, in my life, on a daily basis.

As a Christian, the easy premade answer to what is the purpose of my life was to "serve the will of God." There! That's it! Serve God. BUT!

What does that mean for me specifically is where it got difficult. How could I know the will of God? Would "He" come down and tell me or send a messenger?

In either case, how would I know if the message I was getting was really "his" will? Life purpose

As a Christian, this was difficult because I constantly had to check with something or someone to determine the will of God. This caused internal conflict and lowered spiritual esteem. The idea of serving God is a Christian fallacy that produces turmoil, conflict, and depression. To use my own discernment usually started a conflict within because I couldn't trust my own mind.

This was not an issue within ancient Kemetic society. How can I know this? Simply by understanding their myths and the symbolism they left behind in the pyramids and temples. They tell us the ancient Africans worldview and cosmology. Those myths and symbols, more importantly, will evoke your own inner wisdom and "knowing." These ideas and practices raised your spiritual esteem.


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In Christianity, I was taught the idea that my life purpose was to serve God because "He" is a jealous God. God was like a human and not with very good human qualities and characteristics.

I was also taught that I and God were different. This is borne out in the Christian myth of Adam and Eve. God created Adam and Eve outside of "Him." Therefore God created his creation but is different from it. We reflect it, but we are different.

In Ancient Kemet everything that is created was from one source and of the same substance as that source. No matter how many different things look they are still that same source in a different form. That's how it was ORIGINALLY taught before it was changed. The ideas were passed through the Greek Gnostics to Roman Christians  who then misinterpreted so much of the ancient Kemetic wisdom.

So much of what became Christianity is false teachings

within the Kemetic framework, you and God are of the same substance just a different magnitude. You are a drop in the ocean that is God, and an ocean is a multitude of drops. This is a good analogy of how the Kemetians thought about our connection to God.

Because of that mindset, ancient Kemetians never battled with the idea of worshiping and serving God. Why? Because you are God in human form. Everything is a form of God, be it a rock, a tree, or me. This philosophy is also a foundation to high spiritual and self-esteem. In contrast, Christian doctrines lowered self-esteem and caused self-loathing.

Kemetic spiritual science Monotheism originated in Africa


Stop the "serving God" struggle

This subtle change in perspective can alleviate the daily Christian struggle of "serving God." In ancient Kemet daily life was about recognizing your own divinity within you every day. Follow your joy

How was that done? because everything was about being in harmony. This is the key to unlocking the ancient Kemetic spiritual system.

In ancient Kemet, you lived every day connecting to the source of all. You did that by being in harmony or resonance with that source. Remnants of this Kemetic idea were passed down through the Greek Gnostics into Christianity. Because the Bible and many of its scriptures were taken from the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, by way of Greek Gnostic origin, many scriptures will say how to stay in resonance with the source metaphorically. I used to be so angry with Christianity until I studied the source of the bible scriptures and the original intent.

harmony vibration is the method of nature

Here is an example of a bible metaphor for being in harmony with the source of all things.

Matthew 18:3 And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

Become like a child? Think of how happy children are for no reason except to be happy. They run, jump and play all day carefree. If you think of heaven as a literal place and have no knowledge of what the original intent was you really miss this idea. You will be bound to ACT a certain prescribed way in order to get your reward in a place Christians call heaven.

because you are acting and trying to live to someone else's ideal you may find it difficult to live without conflict. The inner conflict is a mental and physical signal of being out of alignment and not in harmony with the source. According to the ancients, heaven is a state of being, not a place. Even the bible states heaven is not a place.

Finding your purpose The kingdom of God cometh NOT BY OBSERVATION

Children are happy all day! What does this have to do with your life purpose? When you feel happy you are in alignment with the source. Joy becomes your cue.

Follow the "breadcrumbs" to your life purpose

In order to realize your life purpose, you use your joy as "breadcrumbs" to guide you to your purpose. See, it's really not about hitting one specific goal. Why? because life is a journey and not a destination. A journey unfolds rather than being a target like a destination.

Following your joy every day will enable you to live in the moment and allow life to unfold. As the Journey unfolds, you may find that what you thought was your purpose changes to something else. It becomes part of your evolution. The pressure is taken off of you to hit a target or trying to emulate someone you are not. It allows you to live in the moment.

book quote six pillars of self-esteem

As Christians, we were taught that life is supposed to be hard. Many of the Kemetic teachings filtered through to Christianity from Greek Gnostics that twisted the beautiful original teachings into the toxic teachings of Christianity.

I don't say that to attack Christianity. I say it from a perspective of now being out and looking back at what those teachings did to me. The Christian teachings kept me confused and conflicted which lowers self-esteem. Those states are normalized within Christianity because everyone else is feeling the same way.

These toxic states become a badge of honor along the Christian journey as if struggling and being confused is indication of higher spiritual knowledge that you are not supposed to grasp. We were taught scripturally to "lean not on your own understanding."

Let me say, that it is not normal. NO ONE should live in a vibrationally unaligned state of conflict and confusion. It is mentally unhealthy and destroys your natural spiritual connection. How many Christians fight depression because of these conflicts?

In the ancient Kemetic framework living your joy was a basic part of their life! You can have this idea confirmed by many scriptures in the bible once you take the literal historical lens off.

Your life purpose is to live joyful every moment of every day. Because we live in a world of duality and contrast living our joy doesn't always happen. Sometimes conflict becomes the tool to guide you by helping you recognize that you are out of alignment with your true vibration. You can CHOOSE joy! You can CHOOSE the lens you want to look at the world through!

quote on being positive

Choose BEING positive

That doesn't mean you won't hit some speed bumps or walls. It simply means you can look at those obstacles as defining and putting things in perspective through the contrast they offer. Sometimes you may not know what you want until you get what you don't want. The contrast becomes a tool for you not an obstacle or wall you can overcome.

The "Word" made flesh

The ancient Africans called God the Neter of Neters. A NeTeR is a universal law of NaTuRe (etymologically the African word NTCHR and English word NaTuRe are connected). Everything in nature vibrates, it's universal law. If you choose to live your life through your joy you resonate closer to the vibration of the source of all. In the bible John 1:14 says "And the Word was made flesh..."

The same concept is biblical James 1:18; "Of his own will begat he us with the WORD OF TRUTH, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures."

The "Word" was the ancient Kemetic metaphor for vibration. It means that you are the same "stuff" as the creator (We are the "first fruits"). You vibrate just like the source because you are the source made flesh. You recognize your divinity every day by choosing to live your highest joy in every moment. In that moment you are recognizing your connection to the divine source within you. Not trying to figure out how to serve God.

Quote from R.A. Schwaller de lubicz

At the basis of Christianity is the Framework of Kemetic Science. But when you know the science behind what became the bible and the religion you are no longer bound by the dogma. Following the dogma becomes a form of mental abuse because of the conflict, confusion, and anguish it causes.

You are here on earth as a symbol of the creator in human form. You are vibration. You are the "Word" made flesh. As a Christian, I was taught that the "Word" was ONLY about Jesus. I found out, that's just not true. That Idea is universal and not exclusive as the dogma taught me.

When in Joy you are resonating or in alignment with the source of your essence. It's science! Joy becomes your tool or your guide to help you KNOW when you are in alignment with your purpose.

Follow your soul

You are a soul having a human experience

You don't have to serve God in some arbitrary way that doesn't even fit your soul. Follow your joy, and you are living your purpose. Some days that may be difficult. But, that's simply the world of duality in which we exist. You may need the contrast to help direct you towards something or away from something.

You have the power to choose for yourself which side of the duality spectrum you wish to recognize within you. Follow your joy and your life purpose will unfold. Following your joy allows you to appreciate the journey rather than judge yourself for not attaining an impossible goal of being contradicting perfection like Jesus. Again, your joy become the tool or guide for you.

It becomes more about your moment to moment journey through the reflection of your essence that life is. Life becomes feedback that happens through you, rather than something that happens to you.

It's that simple. Really. Follow your joy and your purpose will unfold. It allows you to enjoy the journey rather than fret about missing or not knowing the goal.

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