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What is Ra?  
Christians are familiar with the Kemetic principle of Ra  
How do you apply this knowledge beyond it simply being historical facts and information?  
The Egyptian Principle of Ra  

You are the word, not a book!

Far too many read and memorize the ancient words and language from Kemetic knowledge but have very little idea on how to apply and incorporate the wisdom that was being imparted. This is one of the reasons at KCL I really translate and put the ideas in our modern language so that you can get past the rational mind and take this wisdom to the heart. That’s because there is a level of understanding that goes beyond the rational mind. You cannot think it, you must feel it.

If you have ever had an inspirational idea hit you then you have felt what I am expressing as something you must feel. In an instant, you have “downloaded” to you an idea that may take you twenty minutes to explain and express verbally and rationally. But you “felt” it first. In that instant you are in direct communication with your soul; your higher mind. The inspiration bypassed the brain. It happens so naturally and so often we take it for granted what’s happening.

This is why simple book knowledge and learning the interpretation of ancient words are no longer enough in our world today.

I want to give you a KCL understanding of Ra that will help you understand more of the essence of who and what you are. It will take you beyond simply learning the basic interpretation of Ra that is limited and usually wrong.

The Egyptian principle of Ra is erroneously known as an Egyptian sun god. However, understanding how to apply the principle can have a major positive impact in your life.

  • In this article, you will learn what the concept of Ra meant for ancient Egyptians (Kemet).
  • You will learn how to connect what you already know from religion to the ancient concept and understand Ra at a deeper level for practical application in life.
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What is Ra? 

What most people don’t know is the spiritual science behind the concept of Ra. Ra as one of the original aspects of the Godhead has components that become more complex as its principle divides and descends further toward materialization (physical matter; mankind). The ancient Egyptians were very specific about the sun. They named the actual sun disk Aten (pronounced ah-ten). Ra is different.

In the graphic above the Egyptians tell you what Ra is. But the words only express a small aspect of Ra. It is imperative that you consider ideas that are implied. “I AM the ETERNAL… I AM the WORD… I CREATED the Word.”

Ra, on one level, is the organizing principle of the Egyptian Godhead (Amen, Ra, And Ptah) which underlies all manifested creation. As this principle descends into matter, the vibrational aspect comes to be represented by different phenomenon in the physical. How can I say Ra is vibration? The answer, If Ra is THE WORD then we have to think metaphorically and symbolically to get deeper. What has to happen in our body for us to even be able to speak a word? The answer, our vocal cords must vibrate.

R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz quote
Harmony/vibration is what the ancients knew

Please don’t take this idea in a literal sense Ra has vocal cords. This is simply expressing an aspect of universal nature. The ancient Africans meant this anthropomorphically. Meaning they use a physical aspect we are familiar with to express a metaphysical (beyond the physical) idea. Ra states I am the WORD. Ra also CREATED the WORD. Implied is that vibration has to be before any WORD can be uttered.

But vibration is only one component of Ra. As a concept, Ra encompasses much more. The Kemetic principle of Ra is not an “Egyptian sun god” as so many repeated the early Egyptologist interpretation of the ancient hieroglyphs.

A deeper study of the ancient Egyptian mystery system will reveal a much more sophisticated ideology than most could ever imagine.


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But you must get beyond the simple regurgitated knowledge that is passed around. When you do it will open your heart to so much more about who you are at your essence. It will transform you from the inside out!

The Kemetic principle of Ra is the “secret sauce” to the universe. It goes much deeper when you can gain confidence with stepping into these ideas symbolically and with metaphors. But many of us are not comfortable critically thinking and then expressing our own ideas that may not sync with the majority. I don’t sync with the majority. But I have studied this knowledge to a great depth. When Iay it out for you here it will make perfect sense to you. But you will be expanded consciously.

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Christians are familiar with the Kemetic principle of Ra

The bible verse John 1:1 originated in the ancient Egyptian book of the dead. It states, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Unbeknownst to most, the bible is full of references and plagiarization of the ancient book of the dead and other ancient Egyptian writings.

The Ancient Khemetains (Pre-dynastic Egypt) understood the power of vibration and its relationship to creating everything.

They created a civilization based on ideas we call the “law of attraction” in modern lingo. If you want to know how to apply the law of attraction in depth, learning the ancient Kemetic principle of Ra is a key. It will make a difference in your life and help you to elevate consciously.

How do you apply this knowledge beyond it simply being historical facts and information?

The idea of Ra came from within the Egyptian Mystery Systems. The Egyptian Mystery systems trained its initiates in many areas of spiritual science.

Science is defined as a systematized body of knowledge based on observation and experimentation. The Egyptian mystery system fits this definition. It spans thousands of years of observation and experimentation. This science was such a part of ancient Egypt that by the time the Greeks came into contact with them much of the knowledge and metaphysical practices were no longer questioned by the Egyptians, many practices were simply assumed. I mention the Greeks here because it is through them that so much of the oral knowledge of the Africans was written down. Even though bible is coded, the information written in the bible was still a breakdown of the ancient oral traditions.

If you are simply learning the words and interpretations of this knowledge then you are acting as a librarian. If you believe this to be a science, then what are you SYSTEMATICALLY studying, observing, and experimenting within your everyday life? Or are you doing like most, read, memorize and regurgitate without any way to know how to apply it in your life? If that is you, then I’m going to challenge you to go deeper and do more with this knowledge. We can’t just keep “spreading knowledge” with no other purpose but to just memorize.

To the Greeks, the “ancient Egyptians were magical with superhuman abilities.”

The foundation of this spiritual science permeated ancient Egyptian society. They lived life in the moment enjoying it and savoring it.

In ‘The Egyptian Miracle’ R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz states:

“In ancient Egypt, inhabited by what the Greeks called the healthiest and most religious people of the world, EVERYONE is first of all absorbed in the permanent moment of life.”

The ancient Egyptians APPLIED the knowledge. Today the ancient Egyptians would make statements like, “thoughts become things.” That simple statement; “Thoughts become things” should shoot rockets of desire and inspiration through you. If it doesn’t then you need to dig deeper. Know thyself.

How to serve God

Even though Christian doctrines have distorted the original Egyptian teachings there are still many scriptures that will connect you to very deep and enlightening metaphysical nuggets from ancient Egypt. Again, the scriptures are secretly coded. You have to know the secret codes to extract the knowledge that will move you to gain wisdom.

One of those nuggets applicable to the idea that thoughts become things is Proverbs 23:7 As he thinketh in his heartso is he…

This is important for understanding and applying the Kemetic principle of Ra in all aspects of life.


The Egyptian Principle of Ra

Again, Ra was not a sun god. that is the error taught by too many today. Ra is connected to the sun via metaphor. The ancient Khemetians/Egyptians did not worship the sun. Ra is the metaphor or symbol of the idea of enLIGHTenment which ancient Egyptians had a profound respect for. In other words, they had a profound respect for gaining wisdom. Light is another component of Ra. Ra on one level is the universal principle of sound as its organizing principle. The sun is a manifestation of Ra on the physical plane as a component of light. On another level, it is the idea that all things are light that emerged from the darkness or womb of the NUN.

The Sun is “the heart” of the solar system. That’s why Ra is connected to the Sun in the Egyptian mythology. Our heart in the physical body is our Sun. There is a very logical reason for the ancients connecting the heart and the sun. It is through the heart that we emerge from darkness. Darkness is a metaphor for being unenLIGHTened. When you become enLIGHTened you gain wisdom.

You are a being of light. If you trace the word soul to its etymological origin you will make connections to the bible, Jesus, and our symbolic language even in modern times. Here’s what I mean, the ancient Latin word for the sun is sol. The ancients named the ETERNAL aspect of us SOL = SOUL (a cognate). As a SOUL, you are an ETERNAL being of light! When Jesus says in the bible, “I am the light of the world” it is a play on words that is an aspect of humankind. Christianity made it about one special being. That was an error. This knowledge was always intended to teach us about who we are at our essence and without trying to live up to an impossible standard that is contrived and contradictory.

“I am the light of the world” is a play on words. based on my previous explanation of the idea of Ra you can take that statement to mean, I am the wisdom that enlightens the world; I am the sun that shines a light into darkness; or I am the soul that is a beacon to others (light worker).

If you have only learned the regurgitated idea that Ra is a sun god then you could NEVER make these connections. I don’t simply regurgitate to you what I read in books. There is no one book that will impart to you what I am doing now. I’m taking you deeper so that you can grow and expand consciously.

You must gain spiritual esteem

There is strong evidence remaining that the ancient Egyptians had knowledge beyond our comprehension. They left a framework for you to delve deeper into it. That can’t happen if you only memorize and regurgitate. You must gain the self-esteem and spiritual esteem to go where no one has gone before. Esteem means to have respect and admiration. That means you need to have respect and admiration for yourself. It will give you the courage to step outside of the boxes society has built for you.

This understanding of the Egyptian Principle of Ra, is a powerful application of the wisdom teachings. You must be a scientist and not a librarian that simply accumulates books and knowledge. Wisdom is the next level beyond knowledge. Knowledge alone is not enough because you stay in the box. No courage, lacking self-esteem, and with no ability to gain wisdom. From this day forward, apply it! Observe your life rather than react! Experiment with the data that you gather through your experience!

My intent is not only to educate you on the origin of the African ideas that became Christianity but to also connect and highlight the deeper practical application of “spiritual”  knowledge.

This knowledge of the Egyptian principle of Ra was based on spiritual science. Not superstitious faith as Christianity would have you believe.

Know that you are the “Word” in human form (John 1:14 the word made flesh). Can you now connect the dots from the bible to their African origin in Kemet? Do you grasp the powerful meaning of these ideas?  You are Eternal, within you is the enLIGHTened wisdom of the ages. Know that you are powerful! Ra, as an aspect of NTCHR (Nature) is within you. Know thyself.

If the practice of African spirituality is important to you then my course The Ultimate Guide to the African Origin of Christianity is a must! I not only give you knowledge that is interesting about ancient Khemet but I take you beyond the books also give you the practical application of the African spiritual principles. I don’t try and get you to learn new words that sound good and no one knows. I give you knowledge translated into your own words and experiences (through Christianity) so that you can grasp it on a deeper level to go beyond the brain to the heart.

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