High-tech Lynching in modern times: Adapting the fight is key

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High-tech Lynching in modern times: Adapting the fight is key

High-tech lynching is the modernized version of psychological warfare that lynching was in the past. It uses the media to promote fear. Lynching is very seldom done by a rope in modern times. The lynching and castration of the African diaspora has taken a new form that needs to be recognized and handled in a different way than in the past.

Our slave ancestors were beaten, murdered, and raped into submission gripped by fear and trepidation. I don’t say that to get the predictable reaction of anger and outrage as is a constant when Africans in America speak, write, remember the atrocities of slavery.

High-tech Lynching

Lynching used to be done regularly this way. That has changed.

I get so sick and tired of the same memes and mentality put forth on social media in present days and discussed tirelessly before that. It serves no purpose except to make people angry and despondent over the history.

Unwittingly it keeps Africans in America focused on the atrocities but very seldom does forward thinking arise from the state of mind and mentality that the meme culture produces. You can’t solve a problem based in the consciousness of fear and anger. All you can do is react.

Taking the cover off Christianity

Metaphysically anger and fear are not energies we can unite under on a large scale. By nature those energies are dispersive. That's a deeper understanding of Kemetic science. As a people, we must apply the science.

We spread much conscious knowledge in our communities. But, how to apply that knowledge is a missing piece. Simple knowledge of dates and facts have yet to produce a widespread change in our communities.

I don't mean to imply that knowledge is not needed, only that there has to be a move towards applying that knowledge. That takes studying the sciences that ended up getting twisted and served to the world as Christianity.

High-tech Lynching

That is not meant to attack my Christian brothers and sisters. It is a fact that Christianity has been used as a tool by European nations to conquer indigenous peoples around the world.

Getting deeper into what our African ancestors were teaching is going to be a key to changing the reality of the African diaspora worldwide. Taking the cover off of Christianity will be a start. But that is for another post.

A system of White supremacy and racism

As members of the African diaspora, it is clear that we are under attack from around the world through a system based in European supremacy. Think about any continent, outside of Europe, that France, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, and The Netherlands has historically invaded. They came in the name of a Christian God and economic colonialism that still to this day affects the culture and people.

Indigenous people have had their cultures ravaged, destroyed and beset by low self-image and terrible self-esteem. Africa, India, China, Australia, and Native Americans all have been affected by this system.

As Jomo Kenyatta once said, “when the missionaries came to Africa, they told us to close our eyes and pray. When we opened our eyes we had the bible and they had our land.” It is the same for Native Americans and Aborigines.

Jomo Kenyatta quote

It has become clear that the rise in racist acts from those attached to the worldwide European system of Christianomics (imported Christianity and a historically mercantile economic system) is based in fear of a reverse conquest and annihilation of their comfortable and privileged way of life.

I want to make clear that I am not painting every white person in this vain. I know from experience and common sense there are many whites that express a desire for fairness and unity of all. Throughout history, these people have existed. In this sense, I recognize that unity is not about race or any physical similarities. It’s about a unity of consciousness. I embrace that consciousness.

As members of the African diaspora, it’s time for us to move into the 21st century in the development of our communities. Since the Abolition of slavery, we have been reactionary and unimaginative in our development. We still react to racism today pretty much the same as we did 100 years ago.

The problem is racist don't do the same things like call us nigger to our face, or have lynching parties, or burn down our homes and communities as they did 100 years ago. Yes, it occurs in isolated cases but it’s not the wide spread systematic overt racism that included the very visible KKK and it’s white hoods.

What’s being used now is subversive, subliminal and covert means to keep the system of racism in place. Instead of physical lynching’s, we get high-tech lynching’s that are just as damaging mentally than the lynching because it is widespread and instant.

We get constant images of the African diaspora worldwide that are degrading or shape minds to embrace self-loathing and promote the idea of a defect in character and/or genetics that develops low self-esteem.

Low-self-esteem keeps you in a state of doubt and fear of the ability of your own mind to find solutions. Low-self-esteem keeps you from believing that YOU matter and have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Lynching has adapted from Physical mainly to high-tech lynching

With high-tech lynching, instead of burning crosses, we get videos of the police shooting and killing unarmed black men and women. If we allow, the high-tech lynching can serve the same purpose as The Ku Klux Klan used lynchings. The lynching back in the day was used to strike fear into the hearts of other Africans by using an extreme show of power and force to keep everyone else in line. To show you what will happen if you step out of your place.

With high-tech lynching’s we get to go to movies that show black people living in ghettoes, dealing drugs, shooting each other and fighting over turf owned by someone else. Our young people grow up believing that’s BEING BLACK. The message is, that's the only reality you can ever have.

We also get to see movies that don’t show black people existing in the past or in the future. Ninety-five to one hundred percent of the Characters are white. What a subliminal mind job!

With high-tech lynching’s we listen to music over radio station not owned by black people but pulling in revenue from music that routinely degrades black women by referring to them as bitches and hoes, glorify killing and drug dealing, living a lifestyle based in consumerism with the latest designer sneakers and clothing line.

Our school children get handcuffed in class for taking a piece of candy to strike fear into the other children. From their paradigm, our ancient African ancestors would recognize quickly that the symbols are different but the operating principles are the same. These images are to strike fear into the minds and hearts of a conquered people.

With a high-tech lynching, instead of racial slurs we get code words and phrases like “make America great” and "We live in a colorblind society." These are no more than phrases elevate "whiteness" as the norm.

High-tech lynching

Netflix Documentary on the origin of the privatized prison system

With high-tech lynching’s, instead of plantations we get privatized prisons promoted by a judicial system that incarcerates black and brown people at an alarming rate.

Rather than putting the face of a white savior on the front of the podium while a preacher teaches us about the power of God and our reward in heaven, we get movies about white saviors in black communities and POC around the world. The message subliminally is that a Whiteman (God) and the white way is our only path to safety and prosperity.

White Jesus

The bible says we are all made in the image of God? We have been fed this image, who is this?

What is our predictable reaction to the high-tech lynchings? We get angry, we march, we tear up our own shit, in our own communities because we own nothing in them and we pray for our savior to “take the wheel” or at least hope and pray for a change of heart of a racist. Hint: Change comes from within first (Kemetic Science). You cannot expect to change someone else to make your world change.

We are as predictable as 12 noon following 11:59 AM. The results are just as predictable. Think about it, every time we hear and see another black person getting shot the police will say in the media they are bracing for riots and protests.

I will bet there is training on how long the protests will last. It wouldn’t surprise me if they plan their staffing around a formula so they will know how much overtime to budget. BUT! Nothing changes.

It's time for us to be more savvy.

Violence is not the key

Let me say this to the idiotic idea that we should take up arms and fight a race war. I DO NOT condone violence, it is an idiotic idea for a couple of very logical reasons.

1. How much food is PRODUCED in the black community? How many guns are PRODUCED in the black community? In any war one of the first strategies is to cut off the supply lines. Where do you get food now? From the grocery store owned by someone non-black?

2. How many weapons factories are owned and controlled by black people in black communities? Answer: ZERO! Where can you get a gun? Russia? France? Spain? Great Britain? Yeah, right!

It is idiotic, reactionary, and short-sighted to think in terms of violence to solve this issue. We all have to live together and we do not have the means to wage war. If you have thought this way then YOU are the idiot!

It’s time for us to analyze and understand the system of racism. We know its effects on us, but we have yet to adapt to the games and the nuances that are being played today by the establishment. Most of us really think it’s about race when its really about class. The one percent plays the game very well. But that’s for another article.

Part of it is our own fault. We have boxed ourselves in with ideas of being "black." In other words, there are only certain ways that black people are supposed to think and act (see high-tech lynching). It has been coded this way since the sixties. We talk the same rhetoric, we show the same pictures of oppression, we react the same way in anger without any new ideas of how to proceed after the anger and protest.

Time to get more educated and proceed in a coordinated manner

It's time to learn and study the laws that allow policemen to go free after they obviously violated the human rights of a person. We must begin to act in a coordinated way all across the country to change those laws.

It’s time to think of boycotting in a different way. With the internet companies are immune to local swings in buying habits.

Protests are needed to raise awareness. But, what is the plan after the protest? How do we engage our local and state representative?

During election time what is the agenda that we want in order for people running for office to get our vote? H.R. 40 introduced by House Representative John Conyers in 1989, is a start. It is to commission a study for reparations of African-Americans.

High-lynching is a huge part of America and the worldwide system of racism. It’s time to move beyond the predictable emotional outburst. It’s time to learn, educate, and analyze the means by which we can remove this system of oppression.

It’s time to embrace our own heritage and culture. We cannot achieve change in the disconnected way that the African diaspora is now. We must adapt to the high-tech lynching’s and create a different world.

I don’t have all the answers. I can look at what is happening and recognize High-tech Lynching

that marching and praying is not having much of an impact. I know you can see it too!  We can and we will adapt, but it has to start now with analysis and a coordinated effort. We don’t have to agree on everything, just the main things.


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