Getting over low self-esteem socialization as a woman

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2021

Getting over low self-esteem socialization as a woman

For women, religion has been a double-edged sword. It has been a source of comfort but it has also been the source of downgrading you in society in many ways.

I am a man. I know that I cannot express what it is to be a woman in this world today. I am a heterosexual male. I can see things that women go through because of what has been a male-dominated society that strips women of their self-esteem and dignity.

I have a daughter. I have done my best to teach her about who she is that is not living relative to any human being on this planet. What I mean by living relative to someone is that your identity in many cases is defined by someone outside of you.

I have done my best to teach her a saying, define your life for you, by you, and have the courage to live the definition.

That means that you have to have the confidence to set the tone for how you want to live regardless of how society may want to dictate.

A male-dominated society has taught women that they have to live relative to what men want. Religion has set the tone for these ideas.

Women have been trained to believe so many lies:
1. That a man is your savior.
2. Your god is a man.
3. Your highest attainment in life is to have a man want you as a wife. As if you and your life are incomplete if a man does not find you to be wifey material. It's not true!

You are a goddess. You are a powerful creator you are eternal. You are not to be subservient to another soul that happens to be in a male body.

You don't need to bleach your skin, straighten your hair, enlarge your breast or buttocks to be attractive to any man. If he does not accept you as you are, fuck him!

Then create (that's what a goddess can do) and attract the man that will light your soul. You are that powerful! But you have been trained to believe you are weak and in need of another's strength, that just happens to be a man.

The idea that a woman needs a man as a protector is ultimately disempowering to a woman. It implies that she is too weak to take care of herself. I know many women have bought into this idea. But it really becomes a disservice to you and your own strength and power.

A truly strong, beautiful, intelligent, modern woman lives her life in conflict when it comes to men. It should not be that way. But as long as you accept ideas (created by men) like you come from a man's rib and you are to be subservient to a man because "God said so" (a man in your world) you will stay in conflict and inner turmoil.

When you, as a woman, learn your true power the world will change for the better and set men free of a self-inflicted prison. It's not about whether or not you need a man in your life. The truth is you don't need anyone.

In many cases, women have been trained through religious values to devalue their needs and disempower themselves. As you are coming into spirituality you will have to unlearn many things. The idea that your value is related to what a man sees or doesn't is a major thing you will need to grow through.

What we all should want, male and female, is a companion that will love us in a way that frees us! Frees us to be the highest vision of ourselves.

I taught this to my daughter. I am so proud that the lives life on her terms. Ase'



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