Exposing The Myth of How to Serve God daily to Fight Off Depression

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Exposing The Myth of How to Serve God daily to Fight Off Depression

As a Christian, you have been taught how to serve God daily the wrong way! SERVING God is a myth and a prescription for burnout and depression. It is a flawed premise that goes unquestioned because you are taught that the bible and its teachings are inerrant. But, to even accept that idea one has to suspend logic and rational thought because of so many illogical contradictory stories and teachings in the bible. I don't mean that statement as an attack. It is a fact.


Learn the powerful ancient African mindset!


Is the statement we are Gods being prideful and arrogant?
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Who did Africans Pray to before slavery?

Christians "burnout" due to the theological practice of Christianity that teaches being human and serving God is different than living life Joyfully and authentically as yourself. That theology is a departure from its Kemetic/Egyptian origins.

As a Christian, you form a love/hate relationship with a humanized God. You are taught to love God but end up hating yourself because you can't ever be the Christian idea of perfection. You sin and feel guilty. You repent and for a short time feel good. Think an "impure" thought, which is a sin and again feel shameful. Repent and feel good, if only for a moment. You realize you can't be perfect but is resigned to repeating the never-ending cycle of loving God but hating yourself for never being able to measure up.



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It's a psychological prescription for depression that runs so deep that it can take years to unravel. How do you get beyond toxic teachings like this?

This constant inner turmoil and conflict is a direct result of a flawed Christian theology that makes being human different from God. That was not the ancient African way.  The humanized God is a Christian holdover from its Greek Gnostic heritage. The Greek idea of Gods that interact with humans has infected western thought for centuries. They even changed the ancient African idea of myths from something that is a formula connected nature to a story that is untrue and meant for entertainment.

The sad part is as Christians we believed it was normal to be in this type of turmoil because it was how EVERYONE lived. It was just normal to live every day of our lives conflicted and confused about something!

How to serve God daily Serve you and the universe

With the origin of monotheism in ancient Africa, there was no distinction between the physical or the metaphysical. Ancient African cosmology expressed the idea that there was only one source and all things in the universe were that source in another form.

Kemetic spiritual science Monotheism originated in Africa (click cover to purchase book)

In the cosmology of ancient Egypt, the idea of all being the source in another form never wavered. So even though those in the Levant were expressing ideas of a male human-like God around 2500 BCE the ancient Egyptians didn't.

Recognize your own divinity

This is important to understand in distinguishing how Christians "worship" God to this day. In the western Religions, one was to develop a relationship to this all-powerful male deity in hopes that "He" would show favor in some way.

Ancient Egypt, on the other hand, saw life as a journey of recognizing your own divinity and uniting with the highest aspect of your eternal soul called the Divine Ka. You connected with the Ka from within.

In ancient Egypt, you were not put into an adversarial position with God, self,  and living your life. For them, living life was expressing God in all that you did. This cosmology produced a culture of self-love and self-acceptance as a foundation for everyday life.

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In the audio "The Interpretation of Symbolic Forms, The Mythic Dimension." Joseph Campbell states:

"As the Hindus say, 'To worship a god, one must become a god'; that is, one must find that part within that is the deity’s equivalent."

This idea is how the ancient Egyptians viewed their Connection to God. Their journey was becoming the deity's equivalent. That's blasphemy as a Christian due to ignorance and misunderstanding of the ancient source teachings it derived from.

The ancient Egyptian belief on how becoming the deity's equivalent connects to many new age ideas today around the ideas of vibration and frequency. In my studies of this mystical spiritual system, I found connecting the dots very simple because of the consistency in their cosmology.

Part of the issue with Christian burn out was the assault on the psyche every single day. Ideas like; You are born in sin, you are broken and therefore need to be fixed without the power to do it for yourself. And at all times attempting to live to an impossible example named Jesus put you at odds with self-acceptance.

No wonder depression and anxiety run so rampant within Christianity. So many people live life believing they are sinful, broken and weak compared to Jesus and see it as normal. In a way, the "suffering" becomes a badge of honor for many Christians. What a mind f**k! That's no way to live life!

You must learn the difference between Jesus and KRST

In order for you to stop this pain, you must get back to the basics and the origin of the ancient science that was so twisted by Christianity. You are God/Goddess in human form. You are not different!

You must also understand there is a huge error Humanizing the idea of Jesus that originated with Christianity that the even the Gnostics battled against. This may seem like a weird statement but only if you don't understand the African origin of the idea.

That statement is this: There is a difference between Jesus and Christ. Jesus is a fabricated humanized idea of the powerful ancient African concept of KRST. That concept existed for 5,000 years or more all over Africa (called by different names) before Christian fathers in a calculated move to deceive the masses deified an abstract metaphysical concept the Africans called KRST.

Historically speaking, until the second century, Christians considered themselves Gnostics. There was much theological infighting over the first and second centuries, but the split came for good when the Roman Catholic Church deified the ancient Egyptian spiritual concept of Iu the Sa or Iusa (pronounced Yay-oo-sah). It was passed on to the Greeks through the name Iuseous, and later became the name Jesus in English.

Gnostic bible The savior was not about believing (click cover to purchase book)

Jesus is one special person that all Christians are to worship and emulate. KRST (Christ) is in a part of all things. There is a huge difference between those two ideas when it comes to practical application in your life. According to the ancient teachings, KRST is a state of being within you. Not a human being you try to copy.

KRST is a journey and evolution of consciousness.

As an ex-Christian, I DO NOT believe in Jesus. But KRST is and will be a part of me every single day I live on this earth. It is part of me recognizing my own divinity. Esoterically speaking, KRST within has both masculine and feminine aspects.

If you want to free your mind you must learn the difference between Jesus and KRST.

How did the ancients connect with God?

Uniting with God in ancient terms meant to match the vibration of the All.

Look at Luke 17:20-21; And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:

21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

This scripture you will not hear spoken in many Christian Churches because it tells you that heaven is within. The symbolism of Egyptian Maat as a feminine neter symbolizes that "truth" lies within. You create heaven from within you, not go to some place in the sky with streets paved with gold and a land of milk and honey! That is erroneous Christian teachings of the ancient Kemetic Sciences.

Vibration Vibration is how the universe organizes itself on every level (click cover to purchase book)

Universal consciousness is a frequency that is an exercise in creativity through what we interpret verbally as joy and love. Just as the Creator creates through inspiration and ecstasy, so do you. Think about it like this on the physical level. A child is created through the joy or ecstasy of a high vibrational state we call an orgasm.

That state of being in ecstasy is a metaphor for creation in the universe. It is how you should endeavor to create your life every single day. That's your heaven!

You don't serve God, you recognize that aspect within you that is god/goddess and express it in all ways by "bringing forth" (creating) into the physical all that is representative of that joy from within. That's how to serve God daily!

How to serve God Your reality is a reflection of that which is within you (click cover to purchase book)

Serving God is childlike understanding

No longer think in terms of serving God. The ancient Africans that initiated the Christian idea of monotheism would view our modern-day idea of a human-like God as "childlike" understanding. How do you "serve" a Universal law that does not have the ability to think or change it's orientation?

Serving God Atum Skullcap not visible is not arbitrary

The fact that the Neters or universal laws do not think is symbolized by the ancient Egyptians personification of the neters as not having skullcaps.

As Christians, we are taught of a jealous and vengeful God. This is just not the case.

Do as a god/goddess and live life through your joy and passion every single day and create! In that way you serve the authentic you AND the universe by simply BEING. The idea of KRST fits within this concept and becomes a part of your life, rather than someone you worship for an hour or two on Sunday.

The concept of KRST is about something old dying, but something new being reborn or resurrected as in rediscovery. That is a formula, not a person. To teach you a formula was where the idea of KRST originated. Not as a historical person to follow. But as an aspect of you that can evolve.

The Christian way to serve God daily does not work. Anything that puts you at odds with self-acceptance will eventually fail. As Christians, we were taught that we were the FAILURES and never examined the impossibility of living within that dogmatic Christian belief system. You end up depressed, despondent and burnt out because you couldn't reach the impossible example fearing you are going to burn in hell.

How to serve God Daily

Learn to serve you. I don't mean that in a negative way. By serving you the universe gets the best of who you are at a vibrational level, which is your essence. This allows others to be their best and connect via a beautiful vibration of love to one another.

The idea of serving is a part of so many teachings, not just Christianity. It is teachings that tell you that you should care more about others than yourself. It is a form of sacrifice, that Jesus did for our sins. It is a flawed premise. Taking care of self should not be seen as negative. Women with children and husbands often times have trouble with speaking up for their needs because of the flawed premise that they should never put themselves first.

I like the analogy of putting the oxygen mask on yourself first instead of the children when an airplane cabin depressurizes to illustrate that if you don't take care of you, you can't take care of your family.

When you take care of you, then you operate from a higher frequency and vibration.

Connecting to others via vibration and frequency is the paradox of unity. It is recognizing that being able to fully accept our own individuality and uniqueness is the basis of how we accept others. When you exercise your right to self-care you are fully loving and accepting of yourself.

You begin to recognize that the different expressions of the source in all forms have the right to exist as they please. This enlightened way of being and thinking unifies us all at the deeper level of vibration and frequency. Because you can love and appreciate your authenticity and uniqueness you can then appreciate the beauty, authenticity, and Uniqueness of others. And that they are source energy in service to express itself in the most joyous way possible.

YOU DON'T SERVE God, That's a childlike unsophisticated and ignorant (not knowing) way to view a universal law. You ARE god/goddess in human form with KRST always working within you. You betta recognize and create heaven that is reflected back to you as life. When you create from your place of joy depression cannot exist within you. One way to do this is by serving your needs and taking care of you.

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The above quote is an expression of the ancient Kemetic philosophy that Christianity twisted and then spread those misinformed ideas. That is not an attack but documented facts.

In the above quote, he is stating that the ancient Egyptians saw mankind as the ultimate and most complex expression of the consciousness that created the universe. We are the image of the creator and within us is the reflection of the universe from which we were spawned. It is us and we are it. You need to serve that which you are. Live life and joyfully create your vision daily.

Serve you and the universe will connect you with others in a way that being authentically you will fit with them like a puzzle. Who you are will simply fit who they are.

No sacrifice, KRST is a living expression within your daily evolution as a god/goddess.  That my friend is the enlightened version of KRST. As I said before, I don't believe in Jesus, but KRST/Christ is a part of my life EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The idea of KRST empowers me. It allows me to live life to the fullest and authentically as possible. I don't get down because I missed a mark (sinned) because I am the perfect representation of the creator at ANY moment.

Know this, you do not SERVE God, you are god/goddess. In ancient African spirituality, it was not arrogance to say I am god/goddess. It was a logical progression within their cosmology.

Express and create life through your joy. Let joy be your guide. In this way, long-term depression will be a thing of the past. That doesn't mean you won't get down sometimes. That's part of being aware and having the ability to choose your experience.

You are beautifully human. But as a KRST you have the power to change and evolve at any moment.

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