Esoterically decoding Women in scripture and the power of the Divine Feminine

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Because of biblical interpretation, women have endured a status of second class citizenship for centuries all over the world. My hope is that with this ancient knowledge shared in the relatively new medium of video, that I can do my small part to change that negative narrative.  My sisters and women all over the world, Know that I stand with you and your liberation.

According to historian the great Dr. John Henrick Clarke, "In Africa, the woman's place was not only with her family; she often ruled nations with unquestionable authority. Many African women were great militarists, and on occasion led their armies in battle. The Africans had produced a civilization where men were secure enough to let women advance as far as their talent, royal lineage and prerogatives would take them."

I can very well see that statement to be true because their equality and importance was baked into society based on the passionate adherence to Universal laws. In African spirituality there was always the concept of duality. There were opposites but each was necessary for any experience in the universe. Without the other, neither could exist. So it goes with what is now known as the gender principle.

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine or the gender principle is one that is often talked about and woefully misunderstood esoteric concepts. The average person thinks of it in literal terms of male and female. As if the divine feminine is only about women.

Esoterically speaking that's not the case and I will point this out through a bible scripture that probably every one of us has heard when we were Christian and never even considered the deeper implications of connecting mind, body, and soul when we heard it. 

If you think in literal terms, you will completely miss the practical and powerful application of this hidden ancient Kemetic knowledge. The key to an amazing life will always be about balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of the universe on all levels.

 The first key to applying the divine masculine and divine feminine is to shift your thinking that it’s only related to male and female.

Ancient Egyptians always used natural symbols to express these concepts. The natural symbol was sort of a prop to be used as an entry into deeper knowledge when you looked at the implied meaning of the symbol.

For example, they would use the head of a bird on a human body to imply the function is higher in knowledge. Why? Because birds fly high. It’s simple, but intuitive when you consider the characteristics of birds. Now when you recognize they chose a particular bird then it can get really interesting.

 Any symbol, metaphor or allegory they used was meant to invoke your own intuition about the representation. If you only analyze the symbols, or interpret it, then you are only getting partial information because you are engaging only one side of your brain.

 These ideas they represented goes beyond the rational mind and access your intuitive wisdom. That wisdom is connected to your soul


I often hear people say that when they watch one of my videos they feel like they are remembering this information. That’s because they truly are. On one level it makes common sense. On another level, there is a feeling that something is just right about it, even if you can’t quite put your finger on why you feel that way.

This is when you have to trust that intuitive feeling above your rational mind when you have that feeling. When you’ve been trained to “not lean on your own understanding,” that can be hard in the beginning. You won’t trust your own mind and intuition. I’ll explain more later.

One of the reasons why we are so drawn to Kemetic spirituality is because it taps into us and our soul. That’s what spirituality does. You don’t simply think it, you feel it. When you feel it then it is touching your soul. It will register across lifetimes. Rational knowledge dies with the physical body and brain.

Strong emotional knowledge stays with the spiritual heart and consciousness. What you feel you remember. It’s part of the ancient consciousness that is part of your soul.

What will help you understand these masculine and feminine symbols is to conceptually think in terms of the male and female anatomy as analogies. The facts, in this case,  are aids or props to invoke your own intuition. 

Factually speaking, the Female womb is inside of her and hidden from view. Being inside the body, the womb is in the “dark” and hidden from sight. It is receptive. Growth of new creations happens inside the womb. These are all facts that can be viewed symbolically as well.

The male phallus is outside the body and in plain sight for all to see. The phallus projects. The seed of life comes from the phallus as an active principle.

Looking at the divine masculine and feminine principle from an anatomical perspective and symbolically should give you intuitive insight as to how the principles can be applied.  

Thinking in terms of analogy to the womb and a symbolic breakdown, the divine feminine is receptive, and inner-directed. It is the receiver of the "seed" or active impulse to create, it is also the environment in which any creation will grow. All things are incubated, so to speak, within the feminine aspect, “the great mother.” The universe was born out of darkness, the symbolic hidden aspect of the female womb.

This is where I hear many conscious folk say that God was a black woman. They really mean that the origin of the universe was analogous to beginning from a symbolic womb in the dark. But God is not a woman nor black. It is beyond any characteristic or define. It is beyond our ability to comprehend. Just consider that their are other beings in the universe that are not even human. It is arrogant, self-centered, and ignorant to believe that God would resemble any physical human being. Think about it. 

 Masculine is active, driven, outwardly directed, and visible. It is the active "seed" that seeks a receptive feminine host. If there is to be growth or change within any experience the masculine principle is being exercised. It is expansion, to the open and known (in the light, or visible aspect).

 We think of masculine aggressiveness as something negative. But it is a limited perspective. Without the characteristic Aggressiveness a flower would not break stasis and open its bud. A woman would not be able to bring forth a child from the womb.

Violence is a distorted form of the masculine expression when the energy has been pent up and explodes. The opposite is when the feminine expression turns in on itself and depression ensues. Either extreme can have negative consequences.

It's often confusing when we use the idea of "dark" as negative when we consider the feminine as metaphorically in the "dark." Hopefully, recognizing the allegorical application concerning the hidden aspect of a female womb will clear this up. In ancient esoteric language, the dark represented the unknown. We project our fears on the unknown. Hence the negative connotation on darkness. 

I told you earlier that I would address the divine feminine and how it is connected to intuition earlier. This is where I will connect the dots for you from esoteric symbolic language from a bible scripture. When you actually analyze the scripture from the exoteric perspective we were taught it doesn’t make logical sense. However, when you look at it through its esoteric meaning it becomes practical.

In ancient symbolism, and in the bible, when you see or read about or mention a woman in the story most times its not about the woman per se. She is the prop, so to speak, that a deeper idea is hung on. 

I’ll explain this in a later video in the series about why there are so many mary’s around Jesus in the bible. But in any case, the woman is usually has an esoteric meaning. The people in the story are not the message. 

I’ll show you what I mean and once you hear the breakdown it is going to become obvious and seem like common sense. But the way were were taught it takes common sense away and may even produce conflict in your life. 

 Let’s look at a bibe scripture that I am sure anyone who has ever been child and christian have heard it taught exoterically. But I’m going to break it down esoterically and decode it for practical use rather than the exoteric way we’ve been taught to use it.

The scripture is Ephesian 6:2-3

2 Honor thy father and mother; which

is the first commandment with


3 That it may be well with thee, and

thou mayest live long on the earth.

Many have used these scriptures as a way to make sure that parents are respected. And that is very cool. We should respect our parents.

But practically speaking, how is honoring our parents going to make us live longer? Does that make any sense? It does in a Christian context of being morally right and God will allow you to live longer. Or as my son said to me, mom said she brought me in this world and she can take me out if I don’t honor her. But violence aside, understand this knowledge is about being a life hack for yourself.

So let's look at the deeper esoteric wisdom hidden in verse two that will make verse three true. Replace mother and father with the terms masculine and feminine. It’s just a matter of translation.

Honor thy masculine and feminine; which is the first commandment with a promise.

This scripture is saying to you, balance your active masculine and inner feminine.  In Kemetic science the mind is the active principle that was personified by the neter djehuti or thoth. The active masculine mind created science and mathematics. The inner feminine aspect was personified by seshat. The inner mind is where we have our memories and imagination. (video clip on mind)

Any artist or musician is familiar with their diving feminine. The piece of music or art starts out in the inner mind of the artist or musician before anyone ever sees the art or hear the music. Any creativity is in the domain of the divine feminine first. It does not matter if you are man or woman.

Remember divine feminine is symbolically inside. Remember in the previous video I taught another way the divine feminine can be viewed from the perspective of the soul. You have to look at these symbols intuitively, not just one inflexible interpretation.

You can cultivate your divine feminine aspect through meditation and silent reading. By doing this you will turn within and cultivate your inner self. When the neurological tissue of the brain is activated the mind is created. When you apply the knowledge, you will be using the divine masculine. For example, when you are an experienced driver you don’t really have to think about what you are doing. You can just go on automatic pilot. That is an example of the masculine active aspect of mind. You’re actively using inner knowledge.


Honoring the masculine and feminine is a practical promise when you decode the scripture esoterically. When you tap into your inner self through meditation there are major health benefits to doing so. You will be a balanced being. Less stressed because of practicing mindfulness. This is confirmed by our modern medical science. Doing mindfulness practice will help you live longer. I believe that is common sense these days.

But if you only access that scripture based on the way we were taught it exoterically, then trying to honor an abusive mother or father might lead you to conflict, anger, and mental illness.

What I am doing here through Kemetic Centered Living is showing that something you are familiar with, like the bible, has a deeper level of knowledge hidden beneath how we were taught as Christians. 

 When you do decode the bible esoterically, it’s like it becomes a whole new book. Unlike the exoteric teachings, understanding it esoterically will help develop you holistically mind, body, and soul. 

I like to use an analogy to really have you understand the difference in what I am talking about between understanding the bible on an esoteric level and the Christian way we were taught these ideas.

It’s analogous to being in our western medical system. Christianity is reactionary. When a serious illness occurs in western medicine, the symptoms are treated with very little regard to how the illness began. Oftentimes, the same goes for living as a Christian.

For example, you only pray when a symptom pops up, like your car note is due and you don't know where the money is coming from. Then it's, oh God, I need your help. You’ve been living right. You need and want more money, yet you are broke. Prayer at that time is a reaction.

 Within the Kemetic spiritual system, when you truly grasp the idea of the divine feminine, prayer becomes a holistic practice that treats your mind, body, and soul. You begin to think and act in ways that are just a natural and consistent way of being. That’s because you learn the principle of prayer beyond the ritual. 

As a christian the symptom of broke is spot treated in hopes that it can be cured by the savior. In Kemetic spirituality you start to pray in a way that using the divine feminine on a consistent basis, connects your mind, body, and soul. It goes beyond treating symptoms to creating environments that you exist in daily.

It becomes a holistic practice like the way you eat to give your body the right nutrients. Connecting to prayer through the divine feminine becomes a way of being, not a reaction.  The divine feminine principle will work the same for a man or woman.

When you truly grasp this kemetic knowledge, on an inner intuitive level, as well as the rational, you will know that it’ll help you unlearn the old negative programming. And at the same time you learn, as gods and goddesses in training, how to create on this plane of existence. 

This ancient kemetic knowledge was intended to be life hacks, not idols of worship.  It goes way beyond attempting to be holy, righteous, and trying not to mess up. 

 It’s about how you can create and live life boldly, authentically, unapologetically, and on your terms.

Thank you for watching, please subscribe like and share with anyone that would be consciously elevated and vibrationally uplifted by this.



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