Elevate consciously by understanding the difference in Jesus and KRST

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In this screencast, I want to address the idea of the difference between Jesus and KRST.

Moving forward you will unlearn the elementary school religious level of believing in Jesus Christ to the more elevated conscious level of becoming a KRST.

The first thing you will have to come to terms with is that Jesus never existed. He was a fabrication of the Catholic Church that needed to validate the hierarchy of the church for political purposes and power. I know for those of you that have been immersed in the worldview of Christianity to state that Jesus never existed is an insane statement and probably coming from someone that has to be delusional and an absolute idiot.

But I can assure you that I am none of those things and if you take the time to investigate for yourself you will come to the same conclusions. The evidence is irrefutable when you know where to look.

The elevated level of understanding is that there is a difference between Jesus and KRST. I must make this PSA upfront. Christians you cannot equate faith to facts when your only proof that Jesus existed is from the bible and you are taught to accept the Bible without question and without any investigation on your part. Because you believe does not make Jesus a fact.

As Christians when we went through a spiritual experience, we were taught that it was because of our belief in Jesus. We are taught that the experience is only due to actually connecting to Jesus which only happens by being a faithful Christian and believer. In other words, someone that has accepted Jesus without ever checking themselves. Isn’t that really the religious definition of faith? Acceptance without proof.

To say Jesus never existed to a believer means that they must deny what they have experienced while believing. It never occurs to them that the experience they are having is a natural human experience of connecting to their spirit while in flesh.

Because of the indoctrination, Christians have been taught to associate any inner experience with Jesus. No matter what happens it is because they are experiencing the godman that supposedly walked the earth named Jesus. Therefore, if he never existed then it is denying their very real spiritual experience.

So here is an elevated understanding of the Jesus experience. EVERYTHING they felt was very real. Anyone’s inner subjective experience is the most real and relevant experience in the universe. It is the outward objective experience that is a projection of the inner experience. It is the illusion that the ancients taught.

Because Jesus never existed does not invalidate the subjective inner experience. But for a Christian, the belief is that one cannot exist without the other. In truth, the ancient Idea of KRST was about the inner subjective experience. It was the name of a principle that existed within all humankind.

When one reaches their KRST state it is recognition that they have elevated their consciousness in a way that allows them to connect to their god/goddess self.

To the ancients, one aspect of Krst is the ability to elevate beyond being controlled by our human emotions. I don’t want to imply that human emotions are negative. What I am saying is that when we elevate to our level of KRSThood we gain the ability to step back from an event, person, or situation so that we can systematically observe, measure, and experiment with different ways to handle them, so that we can formulate a hypothesis, test and modify our observations and therefore change our behavior.

This is what the ancient Africans would call spiritual science. It is the scientific method applied to spirituality. In religion, it is no more than superstition. Stevie Wonder would say, when you believe in things you don’t understand then you suffer, superstition ain’t the way.

Jesus is an erroneous idea that one must live through vicariously. As a KRST it is about your personal inner experience and the wisdom you gain through your personal experience.

When you elevate to a KRST you sit on the throne of your creaturehood and become the lord of your physical world. You don’t freak out about things happening in the world any longer because you realize your true power in any scenario.

Now I have to be honest and say that once I professed that I was no longer a believer I didn’t want the bible to be relevant in my life anymore. I study to help others to get beyond the confining religious ideas and expand spiritually. But after many years of study, I have come full circle.  I still struggle with what I am about to share with you next.

No I am not a believer and never, ever will be again. But when I examine the bible for what it truly is as allegories based on the mythology of ancient Egypt it becomes relevant again in a more powerful and enlightening way.

Let’s quickly dissect a biblical miracle to explain to you what I mean by becoming relevant. In the gospel of john 6:18, Jesus is walking on water in a storm.

image of Jesus walking on water

We have been taught this was a miracle to believe in and have faith that it really occurred. It is an example of the power that Jesus had as God that he could do things that normal human beings couldn’t. The truth is, no man can walk on water literally. However, recognizing the story as it was intended as an allegory makes it very relevant even in modern times. Here’s what I mean.

In ancient symbolism, water can be a symbol for emotions. The miracle of Jesus walking on water is simply a story that is coded to express the example of an idea that is a part of all humanity. And that idea is that you can rise above the storm of your emotions. In that moment of enlightenment, you become a KRST.

The light within you comes on and it causes you to elevate consciously. Through enlightenment, you become more aware and rise in consciousness.

This is where understanding the difference between the elementary historical idea of Jesus and the elevated concept of KRST will make a huge difference for you spiritually. The original metaphysical or spiritual concept was never meant to be made a flesh and blood man as the great exception to all of humanity. Even in ancient times, men fought the Catholic Church over this interpretation. But the politics and military might of the Roman empire won out.

I could go much deeper but I am wanting to keep this video as short as possible but give you some ideas to consider on your journey beyond religion to spirituality. You don’t have to fear that leaving the idea of Jesus will leave you empty and wanting.

On my membership site, I do have ecourses that go much deeper in deciphering the allegories by helping you decipher the Egyptian mythology and connect them to the bible stories. But I also teach you the practical application based on the ancient teachings that the church left off. As the great Stevie wonder said, superstition ain’t the way.

Thank you for listening. I will put a link to my membership site in the video description below. You can sign up for free to become a member. When you sign up there are very insightful articles and video’s that you can gain access to. If you choose to take a course you will gain knowledge that is unique, documented, and relevant to your spiritual advancement.

What if I told you there is way more that you are missing?

You can’t let fear from the indoctrination hold you back from finding out more. That’s what the indoctrination was designed to do. They’ve had two thousand years to perfect their message.


If you want to truly uncover a treasure and bold living then you have to learn the difference between Jesus and KRST.


My E-course The Ultimate Guide to the Egyptian Spiritual System is, unlike anything you have ever encountered. Why? Most people will stop at teaching you the facts that the bible is not history. They never get to the understanding that ancient mythology goes beyond facts to delve into the human psyche and help you to grasp the secrets of the universe and lift you to new levels of consciousness that will intrigue and fascinate! If you only want information, learning the facts is the end. Read it from a book and you are done.

My course will help you:

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  • recognize myths are designed for you to tap into your own well of wisdom

Those that are stubbornly stuck on the historical facts and the literal just don’t get it! There is so much more to it all!

It is packed with documentation so that you will be knowledgeable. But it also helps you replace false beliefs with a true metaphysical foundation that will cause you to open up to worlds beyond what you can see with your eyes.

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You will unlearn at least ten religious concepts and be returned to their ancient spiritual origins which are more empowering and mentally freeing.

By understanding the depth of the ancient mythology and symbolism you will gain a profound universal and metaphysical knowledge of concepts such as:

  • The Trinity
  • The Christ
  • The resurrection
  • Heaven
  • The Cross
  • Salvation
  • Sin
  • Prayer
  • The Fall of mankind
  • God

They all were spiritual science thousands of years and meant to take you consciously beyond your physical body. That may seem very odd to say to you. But there are levels of experience that you will never reach unless you learn the concepts I will teach you.

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Reginald Martin

Founder Khemetic Centered Living


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