Christian history that originated as Egyptian myth

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Christian history that originated as Egyptian myth

The Egyptian neter Ausar (Greek Osiris) was one of the most widely known. Christianity owes its foundation to this neter. Tracing the history of the origins of Christianity will give much light to the true meaning of many dogmatic doctrines that separate humanity.Ausar principle

In The ancient Egyptian Mystery systems, there were two levels of knowledge taught. The first level was called the lesser mysteries which were based on nature, myths and local customs surrounding the myths.

The second level was the greater mysteries based on Eschatology which is the study of the afterlife.

Today we will focus on the lesser mystery and its connection to Christianity.


The knowledge in the bible was stolen esoteric wisdom meant to empower Africans and twisted to enslave our ancestors


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The neter Ausar was not an Egyptian god. It was a NTR or principle of NaTuRe. This principle of nature the neter Ausar represented was the natural cycle of death, regeneration, and renewal. It is very easily applied to the cycle of vegetation. Believe it or not, this is the Christian trinity. Allow me to break it down.

Ausar was the name of the cycle. But the ancient Africans were very exact when naming different parts of the cycle. Auset (Greek Isis) was the feminine aspect of the cycle. In ancient Egypt, the feminine and masculine principle are always coupled together. In the lesser mystery, Auset is the principle we know today as mother nature. She was not a goddess the ancient Egyptians worshiped but a principle of nature they recognized.

The myth of neteru Ausar and Auset (the two principles of nature) is that they were husband and wife but never got to consummate their marriage because Ausar’s Jealous brother Set, murdered him and cut Ausar into 14 pieces then put each piece in a different part of Egypt. Auset and her sister had to find each piece to put Ausar back together. Only one piece could not be found. You guessed it! The phallus.

Auset (mother nature) not to be deterred fashioned a golden phallus, attached it to the mummy of the neter Ausar, she turned into a bird, flapped so vigorously that the golden phallus ejaculated and impregnated Auset. From the union and a “virgin birth” Heru (Horus) was born. Heru was known as the son/sun of God. Later in the Eschatology Heru was known as the lamb of God. This is a very condensed version of the story. There are many, many other connections to the Jesus story in this myth.

In ancient Egypt, this became one of many trinities. the neter Ausar (The father), Auset (the mother), and Heru (the son). Christianity removed the feminine aspect and made the trinity father, son, and the holy spirit (Ra).

The myth is expressing the NTR (NaTuRe) at the most basic level. NTRU are principles of nature. The neter Ausar (Osiris) is the principle of the cycle of regeneration. When vegetation dies (Ausar/Osiris) it decomposes (Set cutting Ausar into pieces). Mother nature (Auset/Isis) regenerates (resERECTION) Ausar and new vegetation with the aid of the sun (golden phallus) is born again Heru (Horus). The cycle repeats itself each year.

This is a very condensed version of the myth and Lesser Mystery of the Egyptian Mystery System.


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