African spiritual science: Greek error and the human like God

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2021

African spiritual science: Greek error and the human like God


Greek historian Herodotus

Through Greek and then Roman error we were taught a God that is like a human. Ancient Africans would see our modern way of Characterizing God as a “he,” "jealous," "angry," "vengeful," "merciful," "loving," and having a chosen people as a childlike understanding.

The ancient Africans anthropomorphized the functions of the universe by characterizing them as human-like for comparison to grasp an abstract concept. The Greeks learned their ideas from the ancient Egyptians. Through much study, it is painfully evident that they just didn’t understand what the Ancient Africans were expressing through numerology, myth, astrology etc. The Greeks and Romans humanized the Universe. The gods interacted with humans, having children etc.


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When you have a childlike view of God, a very powerful affirmation like thoughts become things seems weird cause you can’t envision your own power to interact with a force that is paradoxically universal and impersonal but also intertwined with who you at your deepest most intimate levels. A force that is everything in the universe but also the most intimate of organelles and the atoms that make up one cell in your body. The ancient Africans understood this Idea on a level that is incomprehensible to most.

In the physical realm, the idea of how we interact with this force is through our state as a vibrational being. Vibration is us and it (the force). Africans would say vibration is the method of the Universe. Everything is connected through this force and organized via vibration. To get what you desire you must match or become that frequency. Thoughts become things? Or how about Proverbs 23:7, “as a man thinketh, so is he…” It is expressing the paradox that is consciousness. In Africa it was science. Through Europe, it became a mockery and a tool for domination and control.


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