A practical guide on how to recognize all that is divine

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A practical guide on how to recognize all that is divine

All that is divine is really a very simple concept to recognize when you think from the perspective of the ancient Africans.

Today we complicate many ancient ideas due to losing the meaning. Often times some of our most sacred concepts of today were very simple ideas in ancient times that have become venerated today. The idea of the divine is one of those simple ancient ideas that is completely misunderstood today.

Divine essense

We are the essence of the divine in human form

The funny thing is we use the concept the same way the ancients did but use different words to express the idea.

If you look up Divine, you will see it has a very simple definition. Divine means “of, from, or like God or a god.”

When you think in the paradigm of the ancient Africans it becomes a powerful and empowering concept.


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The ancients taught that EVERYTHING comes from one Source. That source is the Neter of Neters or that which all of the universe and nature emanate from. That one source is unknowable or incomprehensible to the human mind. But the result of that source is what we know as the universe and nature.

When we speak of or use terms and symbols to describe the essence of the universe we are describing the divine.  ANYTHING that is like the universal essence is divine.

For example, the divine feminine is simply a way to describe an idea that is contained in or birthed from a “womb-like” environment. A characteristic inside the womb is darkness and void of light. No one can “see” in the womb or see what’s in the womb. The female womb was used, by the ancients, as a metaphor for understanding and connecting to the divine or as we say today a universal principle.

A universal principle is what divine means. It is like God in “substance” or aspect.

Allow me to explain what I mean by using a very simple example.

Language is not universal because only humans can speak it. However, it is representative of or symbolic of a divine or universal principle that is recognized since ancient times. At our essence, we are the same as the ultimate Source.

The ancient Africans described the source as the “Word” or a euphemism for vibration. Vibration is a "divine" or universal principle. Words are symbols that describe or express our inner thoughts, feelings, and imagination to the outside world.

Language is not universal but vibration is. Vibration is a “divine” principle. Language is not universal. Masculine and Feminine are divine principles. Our physical form is not universal.

Although our physical form is not universal our vibrational essence is. Our essence is the “image” of the source of all.

Divine simply means universal. It's that which IS the essence of the universe.

You are divine essence in physical form. When you look in the mirror every morning say to yourself, “I AM divine.” As a Christian to do this would have been blasphemous. But our ancestors knew and taught deep down what every aspect of creation is. Not only did they teach it, they lived it! Through erroneous religious teachings, we forgot that.

Our ancient African ancestors lived in harmony with nature rather than trying to dominate it. They knew that everything in nature was a symbol of the divine.

Start out each day to connect with and feel the source within you. That is a practical guide to recognizing all that is divine. It means to start with you. It is a simple, powerful and empowering concept the ancients knew and practiced.

You are divine. You are the "Word" made flesh. You are a drop in the ocean that is divine. As a drop, you are not of the magnitude of the ocean but you are definitely the essence of that ocean in physical form.


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