Why did sex outside of marriage become a sin?

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…Hey good morning…Uh finally able to get back out on my trail today. I haven't been out here for about a week. Cause uh this whole thing flooded man So…I would've needed a canoe to navigate this, but uh, but glad to be able to get out of this morning. Uh this is Reginald coocoo. And I want to do. Uh talk about some grown folk stuff today.

You know so. Uh the idea of a six and six outside of marriage and what the Christians call fornication and stuff like that because. Uh, sex is such a. Like a major pool. On our being man And a lot of times we don't even understand why you know and it's like uh Christianity essentially. Uh outlawed something that is natural. unless you are in uh in uh you know, I have been sanctioned by the state you know real marriage license.

And uh which is uh in itself. Uh kind of crazy because uh, you know, uh men and women related to each other for thousands of years before there was ever. Uh laws about getting married and stuff like that. You know so. Uh very interesting but. At any radar. So I want to say first off, this is not me. Uh you know uh, saying that, you know I'm I'm, uh, from off. Uh, promiscuity or that I'm against marriage. I'm just trying to put it into the context that we can. Take, uh our sexual relations out of a, a box of a really new Rosis and negativity. Uh, Dysfunction.

Relationships all kinds of stuff because, uh, as Christians you know we we really had sex uh Uh like I said it was outlawed. In a sense. But. I, uh why was that You know, That was a question that I had Why why was that that way Uh, how did it how to sex become such a.

A major thing And, uh really uh the Catholic church created a, like a two tier system. That the lady could get married. But the clergy couldn't, you know, uh so there were some other reasons on that but. But you know but they they created that.

This this division you know uh, Uh around sexuality. But the the answer that I found and I researched this because again I had to find out you know as a Scorpio man R a. Uh sexuality is almost a religion to us you know? In a lot of ways. But uh, But.

I uh, Sorry I gotta negotiate a little bit of mud here. I still have some…wet spots. That a man that I got to walk through and make it through. Now my shoes going to be all medic muddy and messed up. But anyway, I'll be this through this here in just a second. Uh, okay. All right I'm out. Now my shoes all kicked up with mud…

But uh, but at any rate, So. Uh the reason why sex became a problem was because of the heritage of Christianity. Uh that they had through Gnostics Okay So I want to explain to you where this comes from So you at least have the knowledge and information to make decisions for yourself on this. Uh so, so but the the wave of Gnostics. Uh started to view the world. Was that it was just such a horrible place. That to bring a soul. Into this world.

Well it's just doing it a disservice. You know…Uh because the way that they looked at it. Was that a. The Demi years that created. Uh the the earth and and this plane of existence. Uh, was like a malevolence, bad being. Okay. And that he created this place. Uh as it's playground So, but more that people. Uh got tied through pleasure. Through incarnating here, then the better that this demiurge was Okay.

So, so that was that was the basis. Have a lot of their of their thinking that it's just a this is a bad terrible place. And that uh that we shouldn't even want to. Uh incarnate here. Well, how would you fix that? So the way that they looked at.

Uh, fixing that was to say that human beings shouldn't have sex. And if you didn't do that then you couldn't. Uh, you basically could Mm. bring a child into…this earth. You know, but think about this this logic. So human beings should stop have sex Nate even said that even some of these Gnostics even said the during…that you shouldn't even have sex in marriage.

Okay. So you shouldn't even bring a child into the war period. Now if everybody followed those directions understand. What would happen to the human race? We will disappear. So…these men that decided these ideas were sexually dysfunctional. Okay. In a sense. So think about your. Spiritual practice have a celibacy. Or anything like that,

uh, that you just abstain from sex because you think is wrong. Uh I shouldn't put celibacy in ever cause many people do that. I went through that myself but it wasn't necessarily because I thought it was wrong It was just. you know, uh, Just basically. Anyway I I I've I've gone through that but. But anyway if you think the idea of six. It's sinful. Okay.

Uh sex outside of marriage is sinful. Then you have taken on these ideas without knowing and understanding why and where they came from. So…So the way that the Gnostics looked at it. Uh and and I'm mentioning the Gnostics because that's where the Christian heritage came from So.

Uh, Egypt taught the Gnostics…Gnostics taught the Christians Okay…And uh so a lot of the ideas that are even biblical. A lot of the ideas that the church have instituted over the centuries. Uh, first came out of really. They're split with Gnosticism.

So they. Basically. Hell with that. That that, uh, That sex was wrong to bring a child. Or a new soul into the earth plane. That's where they were coming from with that. Now. I…understand there's all kinds of stuff that has risen up around this idea that has just made uh oftentime relationships. Uh with Christians.

Uh so dysfunctional man when it comes to sexuality I mean because you think about how many times in. And Lord I dated Christian women. Uh, And I'm sorry. Uh good God I just I can't do it now. Uh, Uh the last Christian woman I dated had such a problem with uh sexuality. Uh she was absolutely totally dysfunctional. And she knew she was. And uh but I I. But anyway it was a it was a real problem but after her.

I can't I just can't do that anymore. You know, Uh because sex is something that's beautiful. Uh it should be something that two consenting adults. Uh willingly. Uh participate in. Because it is absolutely. One of the most powerful forces energetically. On this plane. Okay. When a person orgasms. You are literally at one of the highest levels of vibration that you can be within a physical body. Okay. And and understand that.

That orgasm. Is what that that energy is so powerful that it can bring a soul have a soul. Uh come through into the earth plane. That's how powerful it is. But it's it's not just for a soul It's anything. That is creative. Has to come through. Through that powerful. Uh, through a powerful energetic force. Okay. So even if you have an idea about. Uh creating a business.

Or creating music, creating art. Uh, Creating a beautiful wonderful meal. Uh all of these ideas. Come from that type of orgasmic energy in a sense. And you think about people the us that are creative, how good it feels when we do create something you know that, that we just bring something out of nothing in a sense. Uh it is a masterful masterful.

And wonderful thing. So. But at any rate. The the idea to take here is that. The the ideas that we have or have learned through Christianity that makes relationships so dysfunctional around sexuality. Was done So through men,

That were absolutely. psychologically. Walked. And this functional themselves. So…in a way. Uh we we've accepted these ideas It's it's almost like, um, a Virgin that wants to tell you how wonderful that an orgasm is when they've never had one. Okay.

Uh, so what what they've done. It's accepted what somebody told him. And accepted as is their own experience. And that's kind of what Christianity really has done is that. Uh you had something passed down to you for centuries that you never really investigated yourself because you accept on faith.

You know, And we accepted that on faith, uh, but never analyze it Never questioned it or anything. So…I'm saying to you. Um, Re orient your ideas you know a about sexuality Because it's beautiful. And I'm going to say this especially to women because I think women has been impacted the most. Uh with this is that.

Um you know you're, you're looked at a lot of times. Uh your value. Two men that are in uh Christianity Islam and Judaism. Your your value. Is based on the newness of your vagina. Which is absolutely absurd. You know, But a lot of times women. Except these ideas. And again, They fall into that framework. When they really dismiss their own natural sexual beautiful Seth.

Uh self you know so, uh that that that has to change. The way that it affects men…And and women you've got to understand a lot of times. I know that there is a lot of uh, Stuff built up around men. That all they're after is six, you know? And uh and that that's you know that that can be true for some and I recognize that that that, that is real…But understand…

A lot of times where that comes from…Excuse me. As these men. That…They are so. Uh dysfunctional in a way that them in themselves. And that they're unable to really make an emotional connection to anybody. And that's because as men we've been taught that emotional or being emotional is something that is feminine or feminine.

And never understanding again. That a lot of our creative power comes from that same place. But the only time that we can. Uh show something other than anger or rage outside ourselves Those are really the only a lot of times. Or have been I know it's cheap. now. But the main two emotions that men could S uh, Express. Outwardly. Or anger and rage and not be ridiculed…

We're taught training phrases like big boys Don't cry. You know, Uh especially in my generation I mean we we grew up with a lot of that that I think that that's changing now. But uh but we were taught though, these ideas. And uh that again has to change because. Uh, again the reason why. They chase a woman like that.

It's because the only time they are free to express something emotional other than rage. Is when they're in a sexual union with a woman. And uh that becomes a huge limitation. And it becomes a huge limitation to, uh relationships. And…if,

if men don't understand that…They wrote they don't realize. That. the six is good but what they really are wanting to connect with is essential reality. And sensuality is the. The really the experiences of the soul you know? Uh the love and the, just the the the. The beauty. Around the sex, you know? And uh so that that in a way impacts both sexes because,

uh again the the, the dysfunction that we've dealt with. A lot of times. We just don't realize. Where they came from. And I'm hoping that…at least what I'm telling you here, that you will at least check out what I'm talking about You know at least at least research it more. Because what we'll end up doing is free, you know? And that doesn't mean that, uh, again I'm not promoting promiscuity or anything like that.

Uh although if that's what a person wants to experience is their experience and you know, with it. You know, Uh there's always going to be consequences to things. Good and bad. You know, but.

But you shouldn't be. Bound by these antiquated ideas about uh, sin fornication sex outside of marriage. Uh all this kind of stuff that Christianity has done. Uh and and create a dysfunction. Around relationships. Okay. So…sex.

Was outlawed by Christianity because these men did not understand. Or the way that they understood souls coming into the world. They just had a very negative view of the world. They couldn't see the beauty and living and experiencing life. Okay.

And that's where they got these ideas that we shouldn't have to. They thought we shouldn't even have sex period. That's how extreme some of them were. okay.

So understand where that's coming from. Sex is good. It's beautiful. And uh it's okay. You know, Uh so again, There are consequences to everything. So. So recognize that. Uh but uh but don't. Live in this dysfunctional state. That Christianity has put so many of us in Okay.

All right guys this is original cool locker room. He recommended center living. You learned to live life boldly. Authentically and unapologetically on your terms without guilt or shame. Other people talk to you. About the theory. You know of spirituality. But here. I teach you the step-by-steps of spirituality. All right. All right guys. Y'all have an amazing day and I will talk to y'all another time Okay. Bye-bye.


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