How to recognize phony Kemetic teachings

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How to recognize phony Kemetic teachings

You are new to this knowledge. You are excited about what it can offer you. But there are so many voices, who can you trust?

Because I've been where you are on this journey, I’m going to help you avoid the phony Khemetic teachings and become a more discriminating student with this new guide. You don't have to learn from me, but you will be armed to choose a good teacher for yourself.

New To Khemetic Knowledge?

Here is a beginners set

Kemetic Spiritual System Is The Basis Of The Christian Religion

Kemetic Spiritual Science Basics For Beginners

Kemetic Spirituality vs. The Christian Religion

What you will gain from reading this guide:

Not just my opinion. I give you a foundation to how these ideas should be taught through documentation from excellent, authorities on Egyptian spiritual science, you can research and verify at a later date when you are ready.

I will teach you the NUMBER ONE MISTAKE ALLLL the bad and  ill-informed teachers make!

I will teach you how to recognize the SECOND BIGGEST MISTAKE the rest of the bad ill-informed teachers make!

You will learn the basic framework surrounding the Khemetic teachings that will help you quickly recognize phony teachings

I will give you common-sense examples and explanations of the Khemetic knowledge to help you better understand the framework so you can know how to choose good teachers

Good teachings can help you to understand these ideas and be a shortcut to sifting through a mountain of information.

Bad teachings will make you feel confused and frustrated.

Whether you are learning from me or someone else, I want you to know this basic foundation so you can quickly recognize the phony incorrect teachings.

So here are tips for exposing phony Khemetic teachings number one through five.

The entire body of Egyptian science is concerned with the essence of NaTuRe.The above quote is your first clue to what bad Khemetic teachers don't understand. The quote is basically saying that the ideas the Khemetic Science is teaching are so big that words can't fully express them, so symbols are needed instead.

  1. These bad khemetic teachers do not understand what an allegory is. An allegory is defined as a story with two levels of meaning. The first is, of course, the surface story and the events happening in the story. In our case, it is Egyptian/Khemetic myths.

They, of course, will give their knowledge away and often times tell you they are not a teacher (self-deprecating because they don't want to be held accountable for what they teach).  But the cost in time lost and frustration is immense to you!

There are generally two types of erroneous teachings regarding the myths:

  1. They believe the stories to be about literal historical people that were African ancestors. This is completely untrue and makes this knowledge absolutely useless to you except for entertainment purposes.

For example, Ausar or Tehuti are ascended masters just like Jesus

The problem here is that all three of them are based on the personification of Egyptian NeTeRs (NTRs) or NaTuRal laws of NaTuRe. in today's terminology, we say Universal laws. The ancient concept of Universal is what they called divine. In other words, Universal = Divine.

Bad Khemetic teachers Documentation that there is more to the story than what's on the surface

NTRs represent functions of NaTuRe and the personages are anthropomorphized representations of the functions that cannot be expressed or explained with words because they are often times expressing concepts that are outside of our five human senses.

Anthropomorphic simply means taking some aspect of a human or animal to express how the Universal laws work. For example, the idea that God sees all doesn't mean God is like a human being with eyes. It simply means that NaTuRe is conscious and aware of its existence. As humans when we see something we are aware of it. Consciousness does not have eyes but is aware.

The Greeks and Romans humanized the idea of universal laws. In other words, they believed that their gods were human-like, that interacted with mankind, had babies that were half mortal and half god/goddess.

The above quote from the book, "Sacred Science" is telling you that myths were the ancient Egyptians way of expressing abstract ideas that words couldn’t totally convey.

The personifications of natural laws are not literal or historical people. Those that teach you they were real people are in grave error.

  1. The second bad Khemetic teachers type is, they know the story is a myth, however, they believe the myth is the message

In other words, once you learn the myths, you got it! That's all you need to know. Not true!

For example, Set and Heru/Horus mythically battle each other because Set killed Ausar/Osiris and cut him into pieces. A pretty gruesome death! At some point, Heru defeats Set and avenges his father's death. Heru becomes known as the Avenger. You will see and hear this on many websites and youtube videos.

documentation that there is more to the myth than the story

The problem is that the bad Khemetic teachers end their knowledge with the story as if that is the knowledge you are to learn and memorize.  In reality, there are deep abstract metaphysical principles that the story is meant to convey.

The “Sacred Science” quote above is explaining that the Myths are to be used like a prop that helps evoke your own intuitive wisdom regarding the function of the universal laws. The THING (the story) is not the message that is being described. The story is expressing a universal application of principles.

Set And Heru as examples

For example, Set and Heru as principles have different functions depending on whether the event or phenomenon is more universal or more individual. On a universal level, the battle is about the opposites of darkness and light coming into play in the creation of the universe.

Light battled the chaotic darkness and won. Obviously, because we are all in existence. We are all a spark of light as an aspect of the creator enjoying life as a human being.

On the NaTuRal level is the battle of day over night.  Set defeats Heru/Horus at nightfall and wins. Horus defeats Set in the morning and light is victorious over darkness. It is a continuos "battle" of these forces or opposites for eternity.

On a mental individual level, it’s about conscious enlightenment (light) over ignorance (dark).

The myth is explaining universal applications of NeTeR or NaTuRe in our life experience. All of the myths are expressing ideas in the same fashion. Universal to individualized.

Set cutting up Ausar/Osiris is expressing a basic function of Set as the Neter of negation of Oneness by splitting and creating duality. He "cut" or split Ausar into pieces. In NaTuRe when something dies it "breaks down" and decomposes. As a principle, Set is what decomposes that which was once whole.

Limited knowledge of what mythology is by the bad teachers

Most people get stuck on two levels with this khemetic knowledge.

One is that the myths proves the bible is false history.

two that the myths are the whole story. Learn the myths and you got it! WRONG!

If you only know the myths as stories, then you will completely miss the deep esoteric wisdom expressed in these stories. I expressed three levels in which these "Universal" or "divine" laws apply to creation. Unfortunately, many of these bad Khemetic teachers only regurgitate what they read.

Then they explain to you what they believe the story means on one level. You then struggle to try to understand the nuances of other aspects of the myths and science. Never being able to grasp or connect the deeper knowledge as intended.

The problem there is that is THEIR limited interpretation of this knowledge is not about fixed ideas. It's more about understanding how the principle can show up in different ways (universally) in creation and your life. Not what the teacher wants you to know. Again, these ideas are "divine" or as we say today, universal.

With their limited fixed explanation, the bad Khemetic teachers are no different than a church preacher giving you a sermon and their interpretation about what each scripture and story is supposed to mean. Most of us accepted and believed on faith that it was historical. That is an error in teaching these Khemetic concepts.

Documentation that the images are to evoke your inner wisdom


Ancient Egyptians taught that true wisdom is a revelation from within your own inner well of knowledge and wisdom, not believing and accepting someone else's interpretation. So, any teacher telling you the meanings of the myths as a fixed idea does not understand the depth and universality of the information being encoded into the story.


Ancient Khemetic/Egyptian myths are some of the most beautifully and intricately designed tools for teaching the planet has ever known. They are a framework of symbolic expression that connects the rational outer mind to deeper inner knowledge and wisdom. here is our modern definition of myth that most of us trained in the west to think of them:


Modern myth is:

“a traditional story,”

“a widely held but false belief,”

“a misrepresentation of the truth,”

“a fictitious or imaginary thing”

Modern myth is NOT how the ancient thought of your used mythology. They were symbols for ideas that couldn't always be expressed in words.

The above quote (From The Egyptian Miracle) is talking about that “aha!” moment (the shock) you have when the light bulb comes on. Your consciousness is expanded at that moment. You awaken something from within.

That's what this knowledge can do for you. It will put you in a frame of mind that there are no limitations to what you can achieve!

  1. Teachers that have no clue and don't even know the basic truth that the foundation of the myths is actually numbers or numerology.

In other words, in the original myths, are explaining how the numbers characterize how aspects of nature function. In ancient Egypt, numbers were not just about counting things. They expressed NaTuRal functions. For example, the number One meant a whole; something that was unified. Two meant opposition and sexuality in the fact that it takes two opposites to create.

Auset "The Great Mother" feeds or nourishes universal mankind

The myths are explaining the different functions of the numbers as the neters descend into matter. The above picture is about the functions of nature personified. Therefore, the myths and the numbers are linked in order to be true to the original idea of Muthoi (origin of the word myth) as “wise formulas.”

Myths were formulas in their origin


Documentation that the myths are based on numerical formulas or "universal laws”

Often the same personages appear in different myths because the functions can play out in different ways. For example, the principle of perpetual renewal is Iusa (Yay-oo-sah) a.k.a. Jesus. Iusa is on the universal level of creation. He is the son of Atum and Iusaas.

Documentation of the link of myth and numbers

Hr as perpetual new light and Iusa as the culmination of the Neters as man are based in the number two as the duality of light and dark and the number five as universal or cosmic man that is pinned to the cross of the four constituent elements at the foundation of all creation. Heru and Iusa are the same functions of new; continuation; perpetual renewal, in different aspects within the numerology.

One aspect of the Cross is expressing symbolically how matter is formed


One aspect of the Cross is expressing deep universal principles

Documentation the same principle can show up in different myths with different names


If you don’t know the numbers you cannot understand why Heru changes names to Iusa (Yay-oo-sah). They are both the same principle. It's no different than our life journey the same person, in principle, shows up in a different body and name until we learn the lesson. In other words, you end up dating the same type people over and over because of who you are and the way you think. They look different but are principally the same type.

When you understand the principle being expressed you can then easily see how it is being expressed in the bible but using different names. Understanding the coded language in the myths also bring the bible alive again from the grave of literal historical facts. I personally faught within myself that the bible could still have any value or relevance. But when I began uncovering the coded language it opened up again.

It can get really complex, but too many “teachers” only know some very basic ideas, like the myths, and want to present them as the totality of Pharaonic teachings. Don’t get fooled. The story is a piece of the puzzle, not the whole puzzle.


  1. They should know that the essence of ancient khemetic teachings is that sound/vibration is the source of everything in the universe.

Many bad Khemetic teachers are oblivious to metaphysical concepts. This idea of vibration is truly what the “word of God” is. It’s not a book, it the essence of creation as sound/vibration/harmony. You are that essence in human form. Sound creates all forms.

Documentation that sound is the organizing principle of creation "the Word"

  1. The last point to recognize phony khemetic teachers is they use confusing terms to seem more knowledgeable than you. They simply want to look smart on Facebook. Any good teacher will simplify the material and put it in a language you can understand.

Using outdated terminology makes these ideas confusing

The bad khemetic teachers will use the ancient words they read without the ability to put it in terms that we use in modern times. If you can’t understand the words then they are not communicating the ideas. As a  school teacher, I always knew part of teaching new concepts was connecting my students to concepts they were familiar with so they could understand the new stuff. in other words, the new idea is similar to this that you already know.

If you are just learning for the sake of knowledge and some fun facts then learning words you have very little connection to nor understanding of may be fine. But if you are learning to understand and apply, it is frustrating!

If you can't make a thirteen or fourteen-year-old understand it then you don't know it. This one goes back to them only having the ability to read and regurgitate.

It's analogous to copying someone’s homework but not understanding it enough to be able to explain it. One of the bad Khemetic teachers tricks is to make you feel like something is wrong with you for not understanding their bad teaching so that you don't ask questions they can't answer.

Think about good teachers back in school and how they made you feel. They made you feel confident about what you were learning and that you were capable of learning it. Not the opposite of being so unsure that you can't even ask them a question for fear of feeling dumb.

It amounts to no more than ego gratification for these types. They want you to follow them, but they need to feel like they’re the smartest person in the room. Making you feel confused and helpless does that for a lot of them.

Any good teacher should use language and terms that aid YOU in understanding. You should not conform to the knowledge of the teacher. The teacher should be able to reach you on your level and bring you and your consciousness up.

Two basic types of teachers

What many of these bad Khemetic teachers amount to is functioning like a librarian.

But what we really need are those that function as a scientist when it comes to this knowledge.

This guide can be very helpful to you. I wish I would have had it when I first began learning this knowledge. It will really accelerate your studies by cutting through the erroneous teaching that runs rampant.

If you enjoyed this report and found it useful for your learning, I know you would enjoy gaining more authentic Khemetic knowledge. The next logical step would be to take me up on learning this beautiful science. In addition to the course and bonuses, you will have access to all non-ecourse articles


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I truly wish you well on your journey of wisdom and elevating your consciousness through the Khemetic teaching. This knowledge is about enhancing your life and developing you to the idea that you are more than your physical body. When you learn and grasp the essence of these teachings you truly become a god/goddess (Is The Statement We Are gods Being Prideful And Arrogant?). It's so much more than gaining interesting facts and knowledge.

If you want to truly begin to restructure your whole psyche for success and bold living then you have to learn the difference between Jesus and KRST.

My E-course The Ultimate Guide to the Egyptian Spiritual System is, unlike anything you have ever encountered. Why? Most people will stop at teaching you the facts that the bible is not history. They never get to the understanding that ancient mythology goes beyond facts to delve into the human psyche and help you to grasp the secrets of the universe. If you only want information, learning the facts is the end. Read it from a book and you are done.

My course will help you:

Build a bridge to Universal truth in the mythologies, including the bible

Connect the dots beyond facts and histories

gain an understanding of ideas words cannot express

Discover a profound understanding of myth that most never ever figure out

recognize myths are designed for you to tap into your own well of wisdom

I honestly didn't want it to be but, the bible can still be relevant and valuable to those who dare to explore beyond the literal and historical facts and untruths. Those that are stubbornly stuck on the historical facts and the literal just don't get it! There is so much more to it all!

It is packed with documentation so that you will be knowledgeable. But it also helps you replace false beliefs with a true spiritual foundation.



You will unlearn at least ten religious concepts and be returned to their ancient spiritual origins which are more empowering and mentally freeing.


By understanding the depth of the ancient mythology you will gain a profound universal and spiritual knowledge of concepts such as:


The Trinity

The Christ

The resurrection


The Cross




The Fall of mankind



They all were spiritual science thousands of years before Christianity ever existed.

Go ahead, Click here to check out what it’s all about. This is what you will need to move beyond any fear or anxiety about whether or not they were right.


Reginald Khu-Akaru

Founder Khemetic Centered Living


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