What Made Pre-Christian Africans create Amazing Feats That Are Not Done Today? 



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True believers were programmed

If you were EVER a true believer you were programmed with limiting beliefs to think small about yourself and be afraid to live life to the fullest. Kemetic science will make you bold and fearless

Change your life and step into your purpose!

When you truly learn the spiritual science it will help you develop confidence, embrace all life has to offer, and shift to knowing your true power and abilities

No longer live confused and conflicted

Kemetic Science explained in a systematic easily digestible manner that unlearns the crap and teaches you the true ideas of spirituality that will free you mind, body, and soul



I’m learning the foundational principles of the spirituality and science of the universe! No other course has addressed the connection between spirituality and science in such a meaningful method to help me truly understand. I am able to even better connect my understanding as a scientist to my spirituality. Don’t hesitate to buy this course! Your life will be so much better for it!


"I am thirsty for the truth. This course gives me an instinctive feeling like am getting closer to the truth. The fact that the course uses concepts that are familiar to me to put forward this new information I can clearly see where the errors of previous thinking came from, Anyone that is truly searching for the truth can benefit and be enlightened on their journey towards truth with this course.

Learn What Christianity Twisted

Learn the Seven foundational beliefs of the ancient Egyptians that include their foundational monotheistic beliefs about God and mankind, the soul and what is the "real" you, and the most important organ in our body that metaphysically connects us to the entire Universe

Learn Your True Power To Create Your Life

Develop knowledge of the ancients more comprehensive and holistic term for law of attraction that will help you become a more positive and optimistic throughout your daily life 

Elevate to a level of soul consciousness:

 This course will teach you easy and simple steps to connect mind, body, and soul to transform your life!

Brief Highlights Of What You Will Learn In The Course


Module 1 "Walk the ancient Egyptian walk" you will learn how that Ancient Africans thought about God in a way that uplifted them and will help you be more confident and bold in your life

Module 2 "The Ogdoad" you will learn more about the name Amen, which is how we ended prayers never knowing where the word originated

Module 3 "Understanding Ra at the spiritual science level" will help you understand what prayer is at a more advanced spiritual level that will have a positive and powerful impact in your everyday life.

Module 4 "Exposing Old Christian errors and breaking down limiting beliefs" will help you to remove ideas that have caused you fear and anxiety

Module 5 "The terrestrial world and the joy of living life" will help you get beyond the idea that enjoying physical life is a sin. No more guilt and shame!

Module 6 the bonus books

Unlearn Toxic Religious Programming 

Begin to live feeling mentally free of limiting beliefs and able to enjoy life to the fullest for the first time!

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Reset your mind to succeed!

Altogether, this self-paced course will change the way you think, approach life, and empower you to be more confident and live your authentic, unapologetic self.



Christopher H.

Learning everything I am and everything  I desire EMANATES from within me. I gained PRIDE AND CONFIDENCE!

This is my first Khemetic course.

I would say as an AFRICAN American if you want to be a more confident person this course is DEFINITELY for you.

Shelaen W.

More fundamental concepts that are building the foundation of higher, deeper learning for the practical application of these concepts.

It's creating the desire to advance further in my learning & application.  Take this course.

 It will begin to click and answer questions you had that your clergy was unable to answer.

What you will gain from this course

A system

You will have a systematic approach to learning the Ancient Egyptian Spiritual System

A simplified breakdown

Easy to understand and digest beyond quick memes and disconnected trivial information

Practical use for you

The ability to use this knowledge in a practical way that brings clarity in all areas of your life!

Just a few of the benefits you will receive from this course

  • You will gain the ability to sniff out flawed teachings of the Egyptian/Khemetic sciences from those that claim to know but really don't because you have a secret framework and the African paradigm of thought and philosophy.
  • Reveal knowledge that bible scholars don't know because they have been trained to look at the bible on the literal surface words and never looking on the continent of African for answers and fact-checks. 
  • Uncover connections to the bible that your old or present pastor never wanted you to know. Most likely he/she doesn't know this information. You will know more than your pastor ever will because you will learn how the ancient thought and used the knowledge
  • The language is updated from what you may read in the books and will help you connect ancient concepts to modern day terminology so you can quickly grasp ideas by relating  them to what you are already familiar with. You won't have to remember new words and try to figure out what the mean which will keep you from applying the knowledge
  • You will uncover the ancient secret symbolic language that ignorantly produced Christian doctrines like "The Fall", "Original Sin", and extensions of these doctrine like the concept of "Total Depravity" that negatively impact your psyche and our entire society to shine a light on the misunderstood and faulty teaching of religion
  • You will gain the ability to see how unwitting Christian fathers just didn't have the mental capacity and basic knowledge to explain the true spiritual ideas, how they made up doctrines based on their lack of understanding
  • Uncover where the Idea of the devil and evil originated from as an error in understanding basic symbolic Egyptian/Khemetic symbolism, this is important to understand because so many people have been taught to be afraid of an entity so powerful that even God can't control it! This is important because you can see that early Christian fathers struggled with understanding these concepts just like most people today
  • This course is important because it will show you why sex was inaccurately demonized because early Christian fathers inherited a psychologically warped view of living life from a flawed idea of how the soul and body are connected, you can then begin to be free of guilt and shame surrounding your sexuality and your sex life by understanding the true metaphysical nature of sex and its energy and power in your life as a creator of worlds
  • This course is important because you will gain the positive and optimistic ancient African perspective of salvation that ease the fears of the flawed Christian outlook of being saved from hell. The science of it will simply make more logical sense than the superstitious based religious view of men that were mentally taxed and incapable of deciphering the secret language
  • This course is important because you must learn and understand an expanded view of these ancient African teachings beyond the profane literal understandings of modern times
  • Though learning how YOU function as an aspect of God within NaTuRe (NTR) Immerse yourself in the more nuanced ideas on law of attraction that will make you an expert like no other, you will gain the ability to help guide your students through your wisdom

Gain the original Ancient African Understanding of these religious concepts

The Trinity

The Christ

The resurrection


The Cross




The Fall of mankind


It's Time To Unlearn The Systematic Junk And Relearn The Ancient African Truth! 

Begin to live feeling mentally free of limiting beliefs and able to enjoy life to the fullest for the first time!

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