About Reginald Martin and Kemetic Centered Living

Reginald Martin is an inspirational and motivational speaker, empowerment coach, certified teacher, instructor of metaphysics, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Business Management, author he has over 15 years experience coaching, managing and training at the corporate level.

He presents to educational, corporate and community groups. Reginald’s commitment is to guide others to understand their true nature of a spiritual being having a human experience and to successfully follow their own personal path to their highest potential. His direct style is well balanced with humor, helping his clients regain or maintain joy in the challenge of living. 

His goal is to assist one in feeling more confident and empowered with increased hope and practical direction for their future. He believes that physical life and being human is a beautiful gift that we should enjoy to the fullest capacity.

Reginald has helped clients in the areas of stress management, mid life crisis, work and family life, relationships, dream interpretation for a deeper understanding of self and life. Life is what happens to you while making other plans.

If you are interested in developing a Kemetic Centered Living Coaching practice you can start here https://www.workwithreginaldmartin.com

I do not do free mentorships. My time is something I cannot get back, therefore I do not give it away. You must be willing to invest in yourself and I will invest my time in you.

If you are interested in collaborating with Reginald via  podcast or interview you can reach out to him at [email protected]

Absolutely positively no requests for debates. Thanks

 If you do not have an already have a Youtube channel, web presence, or content on an established platform I cannot work with you. 

My free content is on Youtube. 


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