What I Do At Kemetic Centered Living

My name is Reginald Martin, I'm the founder of Kemetic Centered Living and I change lives by helping you get over negative Christian programming and limiting beliefs so that you can live life boldly, authentically, unapologetically, and on your terms.

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Tools for Life

tools that will help you get rid of limiting beliefs and have a confident positive mindset to connect mind, body, and soul

Science not superstition

For example, what is the science of prayer beyond religious superstition that gets them answered


Get guidance and coaching to keep you on the right track when you might veer off from time to time

Connect With  A Community Of Like Minds

Never feel isolated again. Connect with a family of like minds to travel this journey with. Grow with the community. Create self-sustaining communities through group economics! 

African Spirituality Teaches You Universal Laws

If you are or were ever Christian you have probably heard the scripture, "as a man thinketh so is he." But what most don't know is that esoterically it's expressing a very powerful universal law that will empower you to change your life and circumstances when you know how to practice it. We teach you how at Kemetic Centered Living. It will squash limiting beliefs.

African Spirituality taught that you are a god/goddess

As a Christian you have probably heard the scripture, "didn't I say that ye are gods?" Again it is a statement based on African spirituality. Learning the universal laws behind these ideas will give you the power and confidence to achieve more in your life.

You cannot have a positive life with a negative mindset

When you truly grasp the principles of African spirituality it will profoundly change your life. It will be the foundation of creating a new and powerful mindset.

Premiere Products

Take Kemetic Spirituality to the next level With these great tools

African Mind Rewire Class

You are a god/goddess in training! You just need the process and tools to get you there! You are living a life that you hate because you cannot figure out your purpose and how to serve your family and community. Feel like you are disconnected from God, your guides, your ancestors and don't have a clue as to how you get more connected so that you can get the guidance you need. This class will show you how to solve that problem in a way that will transform and empower you! You will learn how to connect to God in a way that will make you more powerful. Why? Because the truth is you are a God/Goddess in training. You have simply been lulled to sleep with a steady diet of fear and negative programming that made you what you are. Now I am going to help awaken that god/goddess connection in you! An exciting and life-transforming class connected by a community of like-minded individuals on the journey to learn African spirituality. This class takes Kemetic Knowledge to the next level. Learn how the mind, body, and soul are connected so you can rewire your mind for success and achievement.  As a Christian, you learn to downplay who you were. Through the African Mind Rewire, you will unlearn negative and toxic religious programming. You will be taught the life and soul-affirming metaphysical African spiritual concepts that will get you connected like never before and cause you to change your life in so many positive ways. The ancient Africans said that you are a god/goddess. But you have to Learn the ancient processes, tools, and techniques that will help you connect to God in a way that will make you a creator. You have to remember that you are made in the image of God. But you have to learn what that truly means for you! The church has never really taught you how to do that, even though the knowledge has been right in your face the whole time. You are powerful beyond belief. This class will change that. Are you ready to become the god/goddess you were designed to be? Click the button to sign up and get started! Learn this ancient paradigm that will cause you to live life boldly, unapologetically, authentically, and on your terms doing what you love!

$37 a month, no contracts, cancel any time
Birth Chart reading

I am a gifted psychic advisor with the ability to help others gain clarity, confidence, and direction to their life purpose. When people come to me they are often unsure of their gifts and talents or if they arent their next question is how does it relate to my purpose? This is where I come in, think of your birth chart reading as your specific cheat codes from the universe to the game of life. When you receive these cheat codes you’ll be able to navigate through life's roadblocks and avoid pitfalls through the awareness you gain from your chart reading. It’ll shed light on your life themes and why you repeat them, help you understand your energetic relationship to money, and how to use your cheat codes to YOUR advantage. By studying your chart I can help you recognize the characteristics of your ideal partner, and understand the energetic patterns surrounding your physical health and how to make changes where necessary whether it be diet, mentality, or toxic habits and/or people. With my help in understanding your birth chart, you will gain clarity on your reason for incarnating at this time. I will help you avoid dead-end, high-stress careers that leave you uninspired and sleepless, and lead you to the highest fulfillment of your gifts and talents. With this acquired knowledge from me, it is my hope that you will conduct the rest of your life through the lens of your authentically empowered self and continue to walk in your life's purpose and play your part in making the world around you a better place for yourself and others. EVERYONE who has had a birth chart reading from me has said that their life has been changed for the better. If you are ready for a consultation, please scroll down to the "Course Curriculum" section and click on the plus sign next to the words "purchase your reading," and you will Then see a link that says "go to this page to purchase your reading", click that link to see my directions and contact information. Please respect the directions given. Thank you for your purchase! Queen mystics email address is: [email protected] She will need:   For Birth chart reading : Date of birth City of birth EXACT time of birth (if you do not have this I cannot do your reading) Three burning questions you want clarity on about your life (optional)  

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